Indian summer

I have been mulling away about why I garden and almost sat down to do a philosphical muse but somehow I find I have so much to do outside that I can't spare the time. Must be a moral in there for another time! So I thought I would share some of what is pleasing me in the garden today. This is the new bed in the side garden, still full of foliage and, astonishingly, some of the white foxgloves which were thronging it in mid summer. Last year this area was a building site and after much digging and clearing this is what it looked like in spring this year.

The blueberries are turning a fabulous colour. We have had fruit this year for the first time and the bushes have had to be covered against the hens. It is wonderful to see the turning foliage without a draping of green netting.

At this time of year the hens are welcome in the garden as they scratch about in the empty beds.

The trees are starting to turn too. The sycamore is always first and this year is a buttery gold.

Logs are stacked waiting to be cut and stored in the stone pigsties.

But with all these signs of autumn the roses are showing a second flush of flowers, still dreaming of summer.

And here is the peacock, totally at home in his domain. I wonder how he will manage when winter comes?


  1. Thank you for sharing your garden, l used to have time to garden but no longer so a BIG thank you.

  2. Fab stuff, as usual. Isn't this a lovely turn of weather events? Great peacock too.

  3. Your peacock is absolutely gorgeous - do you think you might have to build a shelter for hiim to get through the winter?

  4. Lovely post elizabeth. I love that view of the countryside from your garden. I too get such pleasure from a simple tidying, weeding job well done. I agree too about hens in the garden this time of year - and don't they love it. Mr Peacock looks a splendid sight - hope he copes over winter.

  5. Oh, so lovely. The pictures are so vivid, they make me want to walk through your garden so I can see more.

  6. Lovely pictures, splendid view; I really must come and see you in your setting. Next spring for sure.

    What WILL you do with your peacock in the winter? I know people who have them and I think they gave them some kind of shelter.

    I hope we can all continue to enjoy these glorious days for a bit longer.

  7. Oh that is such a fabulous view - ours is doomed, it would seem.

  8. Hi Elizabeth, I came across your wonderful blog via 'Moon over Martinborough' and your garden is so rich with life. The views from your place are so beautiful and I love the photographs capturing the turning of the season.

    Autumn was always one of my favourite seasons in the UK. I used to love driving along the country lanes, through tunnels of trees, watching the colours change and rustle before me.

  9. Wonderful photos, the Sycamore looks wonderful... I pass some wonderful acers on my way to work, they are the most fantastic orange colour at the moment :)

  10. Muddy - thanks, what a nice thing to say!
    Edward - yes, I love the fact that it is still bright, not good at grey.
    Mrs Jones - I need to do some serious peacock research. We never thought he would stay this long.
    weaver - I would get pleasure from a job well done if only I could actually finish something! Autumn must be the busiest time.
    Kim - I would love to give you a guided tour.
    Friko - Spring is a great time to come here. I will hold you to that!
    Chris - I assume the builders are at it again? So wrong to lose our countryside like this.
    Sarah - Hi and welcome. I used to live in New Zealand. It is great to have visitors from there!
    Liz - yes, it is odd isn't it? I am not bothered about sycamore in the summer but at this time of year it really comes into its own.

  11. What a lovely haven you have surrounded yourselves with.

  12. It looks lovely. I hope your peacock isn't too noisy. We used have one, years ago, and a peahen. But when the peacock got nabbed by a fox, the poor peahen just pined away and died. So sad.

  13. I hadn't realised blueberry leaves are so bright and lovely. Just to reveal the scale of my ignorance - I didn't even know we could grow blueberries.


  14. Peacock and garden envy from the Weldh borderlands. I hope you get to keep him through the winter.

  15. Joanne - thank you. It is a beautiful place.
    Maddie - did you acquire your peacocks intentionally? Ours just arrived, mysteriously so we are massively unprepared.
    Esther - we have to grow blueberries in pots, just big unattrative rubber things, so that the soil is sufficiently ericaceous. They are easy once you do that and get quite big produce really yummy fruit, all quite a surprise.
    SBS - we have all sorts of available outbuildings, stone pigsties, that sort of thing, so hope the peacock will manage. I really will have a more scientific look at what he needs, honest.

  16. It looks wonderful and am most impressed by the peacock. Now it's way past my bedtime I will dream of glorious gardens and you never know mine might join them one day...

  17. Your garden is lovely. Mine is getting very wet today, which it needs. Not much in the way of flowers, but quite a lot of brown & gold, with green for good measure. Thanks for sharing.

  18. This post was lovely Elizabeth - thankyou for the little autumnal tour and the gorgeous pictures. Those foxgloves though - are they flowering now? I suppose some perennials (or are they biennials) have a second flush. My clematis montana has a few flowers on it at the moment - rather strange and unnerving as it usually flower in March or April!

  19. Thank you for sharing your lovely garden. I used to garden quite a bit, but I now live in an apartment. It's lovely to see the different things that grow in your garden, I love the foxgloves especially. They've always been my favorites.

  20. Didnt know you had a peacock - beautiful but so noisy, arent they.

  21. Tattie - I wouldn't call my garden glorious by any means, although its views are
    Dimple - thank you. we have a little soft rain today which feels good.
    Silverpebble - yes the foxgloves are flowering still. It seems a bit odd but they still look good.
    Green Stone - I hope you don't miss your garden too much. Sometimes when the weeding gets a bit overwhelming I wonder what it would be like without one!
    Faith - Oddly the peacock is entirely quiet. If he starts to make a noise we will have to rehome him.

  22. It is a fantastic autumn - and I too am more than inclined to just stand and stare rather than get amongst the season's tasks.

    Peacock? Winter? Hot water bottle? Why not?

  23. I did not realise that blueberry leaves have such vivid autumn colour and now wondering if I could squeeze one in at the allotment. What a fantastic view :)

  24. What a lovely holiday paradise you have there... the hens walking around... the peacock's iridescent blues... the landscape beyond... your garden all just gorgeous. Carol

  25. I love your garden and I love autumn - this has been a glorious one. I find myself just stopping, staring and breathing.
    Haven't the blueberry leaves been amazing this year - and the hedgerows.

  26. Lovely Autumn Blog, Elizabeth, and I love the peacock and hens strutting around. We are having great weather,and I am busy clearing up the garden. Lovely to meet you in Harrogate, it was such a great weekend.You'd need a day with each person to catch up!

  27. Truly lovely photos, thanks for sharing that - I don't have a garden this year so this post has made me a bit nostalgic!

    I've tagged you in a meme over on my blog as I've love to hear your thoughts if you feel like taking part?


  28. The transformation pics from spring to summer are amazing. Looks great!

  29. Mountainear - like the idea of the peacock hot water bottle, must investigate!
    Anna - the blueberry leaves are just wonderful. Worth having almost for that alone.
    Carol - thank you. It is very beautiful here for which we can take no credit whatsoever! Just the way it is.
    Locksparkfarm - the hedges are wonderful. Amelanchier is fabulous in our hedges.
    Tiggy - lovely to meet you too!
    WTM - I will have a go at the meme, love yours!
    MoM - thank you. I love your blog. You are looking at spring now I suppose.

  30. Lovely lovely posting.
    WHAT a place to "be" in!

  31. the vivid color of the peacock is startling against the muted shades of fall.
    what great pictures. so lovely.

  32. My parents have peacocks and they don't seem remotely fussed by winter, though they do like the same dog biscuits that the dog has and have been known to pinch them out of his bowl!

  33. I do love to see your garden. And this is such a beautiful time of year...even though everything is dying!

    The peacock is glorious - what colours and posturing. I think they only call when they are mating or the breeding season (I know it ends in August.) So you are safe from the noise for a few months at least!


  34. oh but i love that pic that is your new header, just gorgeous!!! your garden looking amazing, although i did groan a little when I saw the logs. I hate the log cutting and storing job!


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