Christmas - so how did it go?

Cake: The home made marzipan was delicious, just lemony and almondy enough to kill any oversweetness.  I had intended the icing to be the classic rough snow version.  Sadly it was just not thick enough and ran gently over the cake and settled into a mildly rumpled appearance like the creases on a baby's brow.  Fortunately we have a month old  baby right here so we can regard the cake as a tribute to Joseph.  Tastes good too (the cake, not the baby).

Pudding: it was yummy, served with a choice of white sauce, with extra sherry, for the traditionalists or cream for me.  A dark and rich chocolate log made by younger daughter was an alternative for those who don't like Christmas pudding, or an extra for the determined and enthusiastic eaters amongst us of whom there are plenty.

Turkey: I leave this one to older son who said "I think this must be the best Christmas dinner ever".  How can this be?  It is the same meal every year so should come out roughly the same, but he was right, it was a particularly good one.  The turkey was succulent and tasty and the roasties were crunchy outside and fluffy within.  I made a hames of the cranberry relish which was supposed to have a bit of chilli in it but ended up having a whole one.  However after large amounts of wine and sugar and poking and messing about and tasting, it ended up spicy but yummy if you like a bit of heat.  My favourite thing is a turkey and stuffing sandwich and I shall be having one just as soon as I finish this.

Other meals:   Other meals all went swimmingly with loads of assistance from younger son and daughter in law before they went away on Christmas Eve and more help from the assembled others on Christmas Day, apart from the new parents who are excused kitchen duty this year.  There has been debate of the "if you could only have one of the beef, the gammon or the turkey what would you choose?" variety.  I have enjoyed feeding the hordes but also worked quite hard so last night I announced that Elizabeth would not be cooking for forty eight hours.  The food preparation service will resume tomorrow.  All food today must be foraged from the fridge by he or she who is hungry and self assembled.

Cards: well you know how it is.  There are always the people you dithered about and didn't send to who get their card to you on Christmas Eve when there is no chance of you getting one to them.  Sorry, those who got missed.  Next year we will play the same trick on you.

Tree: We have had three sets of lights on the tree this year which has been a great attraction for the baby.  He is also fascinated by the pattern of the beams against the kitchen ceiling.

Decorating the house: Daughter in law surprised me by coming back from a shopping trip with some coloured felt and stuffing material and sitting on the floor by the fire making Christmas decorations which are now hanging from the hooks in the ceiling which used to hold hams.  They include a Christmas tree and a Santa Claus and the less well known Christmas Dog.

Presents: Everybody seemed very pleased with presents this year.  I have had a great year with a new camera, some books which I am saving until everyone has gone but which are already gently calling to me, pajamas and a pair of slippers which are so stunningly cosy I forgive them for being a clear indication of my granny status.  The baby had his first Christmas outfit, tiny little reindeer parading across his tiny little chest.

Wrapping: All the paper in the bin.  Even the messy looking parcels wrapped by me.  It all ends up the same place.  No wonder I fail to commit myself to getting better at it.

Candles and wine: somehow we still haven't lit the candles but wine has been drunk and chocolate has been eaten and logs burnt.

We have had a lovely Christmas.  I hope you have too.


  1. Glad you had a good one. We're on self help from the fridge today as well!

  2. It sounds like a wonderful time was had at your place. All the right ingredients and people were there to make it a success. The food sounds great and I could go for a turkey sandwich myself right now. I'm having something completely different, though. How about some sour cream and onion Pringles? All kidding aside, it sounds like you did Christmas right and I congratulate you on it.

  3. It's been lovely to have been busy and to have had family and visitors and a party every night for the past week - but tonight is our own, by the fire and I am relishing it. DIY here too.

  4. How lovely it all sounds Elizabeth, especially the little one with the tree light fascination. I hope the rest of your Christmas break is restful x

  5. sounds magical, ours was lovely but very quiet.So very different.

  6. sbs - hope yours was good too. raiding the fridge day is a wonderful invention!
    Green stone - yes it was fabulous. I could go for sour cream and onion pringles if I weren't so full of turkey sandwich.
    mountainear - it is the mixture of family and quiet which really works for me. Probably wouldn't appreciate either without the other.
    Pipany - we have a short pause and then some more visitors next week so restful is perhaps not too likely, should be good though.
    Penny - it was magical in its own way, yes. We also had snow so it looked as good as it felt!

  7. Christmas food? Go away now, I've had enough!

    Can't wait until I can decently have a plate of sausage and beans!

    Mind you, I am still enjoying the choccies and the extra special wine.

    Happy New Year!

  8. It all sounds lovely .
    I rather fancy the idea of the rest of winter in cosy nightwear with a pile of good books, though I might need a self-filling 'fridge .
    And as for candles ? Ours tend to survive unscathed too . Never mind , they'll look nice next Christmas .

  9. The way you describe it makes me want to do it all over again!

  10. Mmmmmmm - it all sounds quite delicious and enjoyable Elizabeth. Time to be cherished. Glad to hear that you gave your self some time off from cooking - sensible woman :) I wonder if you had much snow in your part of the world.

  11. Friko - I do know what you mean. My equivalent to your sausage and beans is cheese on toast. No fuss, no faff, cheese on toast with chutney on it by the fire by myself. yum.
    S&S - let me know the makers of the self filling fridge and I'll get in ordered as soon as I have my pajamas.
    Fran - It was lovely. We still have a houseful but with a bit more of a lull between feasts for now!
    Anna - we had enough snow for it to be a bit dicey for daughter and son in law to get in last monday but it has all gone now. Looked beautiful over Christmas but I was too busy cooking and eating and drinking to get my camera out - mistake!

  12. Well, if that isn't the best thing anyone could ever say - "I think this must be the best Christmas dinner ever". Congrats!

    Sounds like you had a good Christmas indeed.

    We've had a very nice Christmas too. We baked and army of gingerbread men (and women) and have been taking them to neighbors left and right. It's very nice.

    Hope you have a fantastic 2010.

  13. Well done, it all sounds so wonderful and family orientated. So glad you had a lovely time.

  14. we have candles we put out every year and never light. (though we do have a few that we burn)

    sounds like a lovely christmas on your hill.


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