The three best things about February

OK, I am just on my way out to the pub but, in the spirit of not succumbing to the February blues, I would like to ask you for your nominations for the three best things about February. Here are mine:

It is short. I know, I know, not in the spirit of the thing at all. I am supposed to be being positive and uplifting. I must try harder.

Snowdrops. I love snowdrops. I couldn't manage to be a galanthophile because there is too much time outside in the biting cold looking at flowers through a magnifiying glass for me. My knees get cold. But I do love them en masse and I love them clumping up steadily here with their white purity and faintest of scents.

Every night it is a little lighter. You can practically feel the lengthening day and sometimes you find you have gone outside to shut the chickens away on automatic pilot and you find that they are still wandering around because they have clocked the extra half hour of daylight which you somehow forgot about.

Any more?


  1. I am hoping I have sorted out the problem with commenting

  2. Most definitely snowdrops,
    I actually enjoy the snow and usually february is the month we get most of it, and chocolate on Valentines day, only I didn't get any this year!

  3. "you find you have gone outside to shut the chickens away on automatic pilot and they are still wandering around" can I have that one too?

    and Winter Aconites

    and our wedding anniversary and all the memories of the places we've been together on that day - where will it be this year, home? away? who knows...


  4. You can plant seeds indoors (I have a whole windowsill of them)which makes you think of summer veg.

    It is March (and really spring) next month and February is very short.

    Looking out for little buds(catkins out here, and horse chestnuts, primroses poking through and crocus) and hearing the birds singing, they are really going for it even though it is still cold.

    Christmas is still ten months away!

  5. What I like about February:-
    Watching the evenings drawing out.
    Finding lots of promise in the garden, (peony just showing under the soil etc)
    Its much, much better than January,
    Its a short month,
    Often the air is really clear and you can see for miles.
    Fantastic winter sunsets.
    Time to go walking before the "season" starts.
    Weeding, I can do it all in a couple of days because they are not growing
    Sowing seeds
    Of course, we haven't had any rain, so any month without much rain is a plus in my book.
    You're over half way now ELizabeth, it will be March before you know it
    (I don't like March - far too much yellow and frolicking)

  6. I love these.
    Angela - I am a chocolate lover but we don't do Valentine's Day here really so chocolate can happen any time.
    Celia - winter aconites are beautiful. I don't know why I haven't got any. Must rectify that. Happy anniversary!
    PG - birds is a good one. I had been hearing them without really noticing if you know what I mean. Also like catkins but we haven't any out up here yet.
    Karen - ah yes, sunsets and walking. Like those too. I am a bit of a sucker for the yellow and frolicking though.

  7. Best thing about February is that it's short! Next best thing is that the days are longer. After that, the TV show Lost has come back on for its final season.

    I'm enjoying February so far. But yes, I too long for yellow and frolicking - which will happen here in April! So, if you get there before me, please frolick a little extra!

  8. The short month is one sure thing, GD's birthday and days getting longer. All having to do with Spring coming. Our beautiful 26 year old GD is our February Princess.

  9. What I like about February - eggs my girls really start to lay eggs at this time of year, lent I like to think I can give up things as I am a grown up now and also like the fact I never can cos I'm basically young at heart and finally cos in March it's my eldest's Birthday!

  10. My trio :
    ~ It's getting lighter earlier in the mornings
    ~ I will put the heated sandbench and propagator on this month
    ~ Fair maids of February.

  11. I love your 3 things...As we are still buried under a lot of snow, I also love that it's getting lighter letting me know that spring is getting near...

  12. The best thing , I agree , has to be the fact that it's nearly March .
    Then there's halfterm and the chance to visit family .
    And the slow uncurling of plans for small adventures .
    The whole crawling out of a long tunnel feel to it all !
    I'm definitely ready for yellow and a bit of frolicking , once I can get out of this Puffa thing .

  13. Yes, definitely snowdrops! We have three, bravely blooming in an odd corner.

    And the lengthening days, in the mornings as well as at night.

    And the sun is that wee bit stronger, so the colours of the countryside are a bit brighter and not so washed out!

  14. I agree with all your list Elizabeth and would add my son's birthday, half term hols with the family and crocuses to the mix. It is gloriously sunshiney today and the garden is calling. Spring is in the air! x

  15. I agree with snowdrops and the lighter evenings and mornings. Other good things about February are visiting the coast out of season; noticing that the birds are singing a little more cheerily; the sun is higher in the sky and when it it shining its rays brighten up my study while I'm working; and the first signs of crocuses and the first buds of the magnolia!


  16. Definitely that the days are longer - no more leaving home and returning in the dark.
    Swans - the swans stay for the month down at the lagoon
    It's short - it's a bridge between winter and spring!

  17. Sandy - with you on short month and longer days but never got into Lost so don't know what I am missing!
    QMM - ah, you are another with an important February birthday. I think we missed a trick with that, all our birthdays are in the autumn for some reason.
    Tattie - Lent? I am not sure I am the giving up type. Actually, that is the point isn't it?
    Anna - fair maids of Febuary? What a lovely name.
    Kim - I hope your spring will come soon!
    S&S - oh yes, the crawling out of a long tunnel. I would be feeling like that if only it weren't so cold. but everthing else, yes.
    Gilly - I had not thought about the strength of the sun, but yes, that is true. I shall add it to my list.

  18. Pipany - oh crocuses, I hadn't thought of crocuses!
    Jeanne - I love the idea of the birds singing more loudly. I will listen out for it.
    Pondside - we don't have swans here but I do like the idea of swans as a sign of spring.
    Marcheline - yes.

  19. Best things about February? Hmm, not as long till payday (very important).
    It's still dark enough to sing in the car on the way to and from work without being seen... but only just.
    And finally, the anticipation of Spring!


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