Is it spring now? Are we nearly there yet?

This box full of delight brought to me by mountainear has been  keeping my spirits up for a week or two when I have been drinking my cup of tea in the wooden greenhouse.  I have kept sticking my nose outside, smelling for spring but it has been so cold only the snowdrops have replied.

But today we woke to clear blue skies, a sharp frost down in the valley but up here on the hill the day quickly became one where the you could feel the season on the turn.  I went hunting for flowers and found one of my hellebores had burst out of its fat bud while I had my back turned.  Tip her head up and look into her face.

This morning was spent making bread and sowing seeds in the still chilly greenhouse.  This afternoon it was time to lift our own heads up from the list of things to do and get out onto the hills.
The catkins are hanging on the hazels.  This is a cobnut we planted in our field, shining with spring.
Up on the ridge just below Penycloddiau there are still patches of snow and the landscape is bleached of colour.  But even up here we found a tiny lamb, an early one I think as all the other sheep are clearly still waiting but seemingly ok in the pale sunshine.
There are calves in the field on the other side of the valley.
And frogspawn in the stream.
It is all out there, waiting.


  1. It will come, for sure it will come.
    We had a heavenly warm day yesterday and today promises more of the same. The blossoms are all out in town, but a little slower at our elevation - but they're coming!

  2. Waiting for spring this year seems to be taking so long. -5 degrees during the night and everything rock hard outside this morning. I love your fabulous pictures - we're nearly there aren't we?

  3. That's a lovely box of delights from Mountainear, what a lovely way to brighten up a day. Gorgeous hellebore too - mine have yet to flower so it's lovely to see yours.

  4. It did almost feel like spring today the sun shone and warmed away the frost during the early morning, I was fooled into thinking it was spring and got chilled weeding in the shade this afternoon, still no helibores out although the primroses are promising

  5. It all looks so hopeful. My walk to work has been smashing this week. I can just about hear the birdsong over the traffic (!) but at least they've been lovely mornings.

  6. Excellent!!!!

    I have had my first Spring-cup-of-coffee-on-the-patio this morning.

    And found blooming croci! (Crocuses?) And almost-blooming snowdrops! And daffodil leaves!

    YAY SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Gorgeous photos. So much to look forward to and a few gems already here.

  8. What great signs of spring!! I'm envious of your color as my daffodils are just starting to pop up! Enjoy your week!

  9. It loks like Spring here....until you go outside. The the wind chill is horrible. However, things are gradually coming up out of the cold ground, daffodils and crocus, but not many flowers yet.
    What a lovely double hellebore. I bought one last year and it is in full flower now.

  10. Waiting is the right word. -7c here last night I am fed up with the cold night-time temps. although to be fair, the days have been lovely.

    What a glorious box of colour you received from mountaineer, and your hellebore is beautiful.

  11. What a lovely box of spring you have there. And that Hellebore, fantastic!

  12. Just love the phrase 'catkins.....shining with spring.'

    Maine has had 4 days of sun and the 50's it is like spring here. the daffodills are comming up.
    Birds are chirping and ducks everywhere in the cove.



  14. Lovely photos, with the promise of Spring just out of reach, but each day it's drawing closer and closer.

    Beautiful Hellebore, such delicate markings.

    What a bountiful box of blooms from mountainear, certainly brighten up any day.

  15. Of course it's not spring yet (but then you knew I would say that!)

  16. It felt like spring on Saturday but it's now back to grey leaden skies and cold winds. Brrrrrr!!

    Your photos have cheered me up though - especially that dear little hellebore!


  17. Pondside - you have blossom? We are ages off blossom yet!
    Molly - we were very cold last night here too, but certainly some warmth in the sun in the day.
    PM - it is a lovely box isn't it? I got so excited I could hardly contain myself!
    Angela - most of my hellebores are still in bud too.
    Fran - I was listening to birdsong this morning too. Love it.
    Marcheline - we have crocuses too, just a few but rich purple.
    Cait - I do love the sense of how much there is to look forward to. I have to try really hard not to wish my life away.
    Kim - thank you. Another lovely day here again.

  18. I havent seen any frog spawn yet this year, which is good in a way because last year it appeared very early and was then frozen

  19. The title of your post made me smile. Not sure whether IT is here yet but getting nearer by the day. Would love a few seeds from that beautiful hellebore if you have any going spare later this year :)

  20. No , said she grumpily , it's not Spring yet . But my dourness must be excused on account of my frostbitten fingers and blue ears .
    To cheer us all up I've got yellow Primulas by the window .
    I know it's on its way ......

  21. Elizabeth - still cold here too but it smells of hope!
    Karen - minus 7? wow, even colder than here. yes, the box of delights is perfect!
    Kitty - I love hellebores but they are so easy to miss. This one was hanging its head so low I nearly didn't see it at all.
    Fennie - thank you!
    Yvonne - the smell of maple syrup? what a fabulous idea!
    Claire - another sunny day today too. Hope the same where you are.
    Dawn - ok, ok, I am jumping the gun by your measure I know.
    Jeanne - I nearly picked the hellebore but decided to let it stay outside in the hope it will last longer.
    Helen - mm, not sure how our frog spawn will manage up here. It has been cold enough to freeze I think.
    Anna - seeds are yours! If I can find out how to do it.
    S&S - you are right. It is still cold up here too, but hang on....


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