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You may take for granted the daily round of hospital visiting, father in law's cheerful stoicism in the face of all that has been thrown at him, Ian's determination to do the best for him, the endless not knowing about what comes next. But life goes on too, oddly enough, and in other news....

Scaffolding has gone up in readiness for the roofing job on the house.  The house looks strange in its metal exo-skeleton and I must admit to being a bit daunted by the idea of no roof and no roof in November at that.  It's a good job we have a great builder or the phrase "a bit daunted" would be an understatement rather than the truth!

A ginger cat turned up on Sunday and is doing a lot of sitting determinedly on the step.  I've had this before when we lived in cities.   I never used to feed a passing cat in order not to encourage it to leave home but it's hard to know where this one has come from.  Our only near neighbours are at the farm and they say it isn't theirs.  A possible lead to a home half a mile away proved a false trail so we shall see if she hangs around for longer.  In the meantime I am feeding her outside, partly to protect our other old outside cat who is no match for a hungry young cat when there is only one bowl out there!

You'd have to admit, this is a handsome cat!

Years ago my grandmother taught me to crochet but it has had no part in my life since I was a teenager.  Casting around for something to do with the waiting time which seems a feature of life just now, I dug out a hook, messed about for half an hour with some existing wool, and then decided that I would make a start on a blanket.  Whether it is because the movement is quite a soothing one or because the amount of attention it needs it just right (just enough to keep you in the moment, not so much as to find yourself making stupid mistakes) I am finding it oddly therapeutic.

I have even invested in new wool now.  I have done a ludicrous amount since Thursday.  If you see a moving blue and white pile of wool in North Wales or the North West of England poke it and you might find me inside.

Yesterday I made a Christmas cake.  Whatever happens and wherever all the family are, Christmas will still come and we all like cake.

And my beautiful new range cooker arrived.  Just look at that!  I could dance with excitement.  The funny white stuff on the front is a protective covering so it will look like stainless steel when it is finally up and running.  That should be tomorrow.  Isn't life a complicated thing?


  1. Sounds like 'all go' in the Welsh Hills. Good luck with the roof!

  2. A work colleagues fil has been in hospital for over a month. He fell, knocked himself out, he has dementia and this confused things when he came round, then he was in a coma, then had an infection. He was in coventry hospital due to his needs, they live in Worcester and the only visiting hours were late afternoon/early evening when they had childcare issues. Plus his sister in law has just had twins by ceaseran and is down in Devon and cant drive up to see her father so work colleague and his wife have been really pushed to breaking point trying to get everyone whereever!! Unfortunately FIL has just got another infection so it isnt looking good. People underestimate how exhausting these things are not just the travelling, but the worrying and the uncertainties of what is coming round the corner.

    On a lighter note I knit alot and find it theraputic in the evenings so can u'stand why you are crocheting.

    Keep smiling!

  3. Some of those diverting obstacles have been thrown in our path over the past year - I can empathise with you. And lots of theraputic crochet has been happening too... it's very comforting.

    I think that can has decided you are her next home. I wonder if she's microchipped?

    That looks like a fine cake!

  4. Life!..complicated, messy, sometimes exhaustingly unexplainable, but also beautiful, delicious and exhaustingly satisfying. Keep the faith!

  5. Good luck with the roof! That's a lovely ginger cat. I often meet a ginger cat when I'm out running. He trots towards me miaowing and we're always pleased to see each other. Simply drooling over that cake and the lovely cooker. Life may be complicated, but there are good things in it too.

  6. I think that's your ginger cat, isn't it? If I lived closer it would certainly be mine.

    And I also love your range cooker. Oh dear, how covetous I am! Your fault.....

  7. It sounds like you are coping very well with life as it is right now. Knitting or crocheting is a good way to pass the waiting time - and you'll have a handsome blanket to show for it.

  8. I've a feeling you're not actually giving yourself time to think how busy you really are. Take time to breath please!

    I've picked up a crochet hook too - goodness knows why as most crocheted objects in my experience have been horrid, lurid or unappealing. However it is quite soporific. I have made a small blue rabbit - nothing useful like a blanket!

  9. Not for nothing are we called the Sandwich Generation !
    Good luck to Father-In-Law , he's blessed to have a caring family on hand .
    I'm full of admiration for the blanket and cake , both look marvellous .

  10. I think your crocheting looks very pretty and that's not only due to your skill, but also the very good yarn that you've picked out to work with. It's just right. It makes me want to jump in and get started myself. With the right yarn, of course ;o)

  11. Love the new cat (I wouldn't be able to resist such a handsome face), and your new cooker!!
    Good luck with the roofing project.

  12. Elizabeth - I made the 'mistake' of feeding a stray passing moggy a few years ago. She left a little abandoned kitten behind. We loved her, fed and cared for her. She grew up, had a daughter and before long we had seven!

  13. Your new cooker is fabulous! I don't care to cook much, but that looks like you could cook for a crowd on that thing. My husband would love that cooker.

  14. Unfortunately, I'm allergic to cats (My younger son's fault! Hormones!), but do have to agree that that is one beautiful looking cat! Good luck with finding his owners - or not, depending on how badly you want to keep him!

    Meanwhile, get plenty of sleep. It does help with the stresses of hospital visits etc.

  15. Sorry - substitute 'her' for 'he/him' (female cat!) - and best make sure she's been spayed, else one new cat...

  16. Glad to hear your father in law is bearing up, what a brave fellow. Cat does look rather gorgeous....hope all goes well with the roof, and that the weather doesn't get too wild...Enjoy the new cooker, Posie x

  17. So in the middle of the endless hospital related waiting and worrying, you are also losing your roof?! Glad you have a good builder... Love your new cooker - looks wonderful. Christmas cake looks yummy, and reminds me that I need to get a move on and cook a couple myself, so that they can be fed appropriately (brandy). Good luck holding the center while chaos and uncertainty reign. I love to knit, so can see why the crochet would sooth and occupy. Lovely colours too!

  18. Sorry to hear about your father-in-law. I hope he's recovering now, poor man.

  19. Cro - Roof is off now. Any minute now I am going to be brave enough to look at the weather forecast!
    Helen - you are right about all these things. I am crocheting so fast I shall soon be doing one of those art installations where you cover the town hall in a crochet vest.
    Celia - I am taking the cat down to our vet this afternoon to see if they recognise her and will have her checked out! Thanks for the empathy too.
    Jacqueline - I agree with you about all the sides of life and how much better than the alternative!
    Mags - you are right. There are many good things and tonight I shall use the cooker!

  20. Now all you need to make your kitchen complete once the range cooker is installed, is a ginger cat in its basket beside your other cat, also in its basket. Cats seem to adopt my sister and my daughter but though I seem infested with stray cats they only pass through chasing the birds and digging up the flowers. I shoo them away. Next year I may buy a water pistol. Shall send some purple vibes to your roof. Having an open roof in your part of the world with autumnal gales, rain and even snow more than a possibility would fill me with panic I think.

  21. How spooky - we've just had scaffolding put up for a new roof (only been in our house a week and builders in already) - and we have a new range cooker too.

  22. Hope all goes well with the roof business and finding out where that fine looking puddy tat lives. Will look out for a moving blue and white wooly next time I'm in Chester :)

  23. Rachel - ginger cat is sitting on the chair next to me as I write! Took him down to the vet's yesterday to check he wasn't microchipped or on their list of reported lost animals so here he is!
    Pondside - I suspect it might not be a blanket, more of small county by the time I am finished:)
    Mountainear - crochet does have some pretty terrible results but searching long and hard I have found some things I really like. Have you come across Ravelry? great site.
    S&S - well FIL has been a blessing to others in his long life so his turn now! I think he is getting this despite having told me that he much prefers being the looker after than the cared for!
    Nora - of course searching for the right yarn has now become another way of spending money to add to the plants, fabrics, books and gorgeous boots!

  24. Dan - cooker and cat are a good combination. Cat appreciates the cooker I think.
    Molly - did establish that this cat has been neutered so he won't be adding to the kitten explosion!
    Joy - part of the reason for having it is that when the family come home we are a large number and cooking in my previous oven was a bit of a logistical challenge!
    H - you are so right about the sleep. That wasn't helped by the wind on the visquene which is standing in for the roof last night but I am trying to do some yoga every day which is a great way of looking after yourself.

  25. Posie - the centre portion of the roof is now off and gales are forecast. Not that I am bothered, no, not at all. Really.
    Plantaliscious - like the image of calmly holding the centre while chaos reigns. That will be my aim.
    Chris - he is on the way thank you but slowly and still not sure what will happen next!
    Fennie - it may be that cats only pass through for you because they sense your water pistol tendencies!
    Mark - fellow feeling here then. New range cooker baked up a good looking bara brith this morning on first use. Middle portion of the roof now off.....
    Anna - looks like the fine looking cat now lives here!

  26. Hey - congrats on your new stove! Looks marvy, and I bet a lot of wonderful holiday meals will be coming forth this year.

    That cat reminds me of our dear Jack, who came to our yard when we first moved in. We fed him, and he came closer and closer until he would get in our laps. He lived outside, but stayed in our yard for years - he died just a couple of years ago, and I miss him every day.

    Please feed this new friend and keep him as well as you can - they depend on us!


  27. Hi Elizabeth,
    A new cooker to warm the roof-less house, and a cat to share it with.
    Your FIL sounds like a classic, stoic of his generation - I hope he continues to bear up.
    Now about the crochet - I don't crochet, but I knitted for years until repetitive stress made me stop. I still go into yarn stores, though, because the combination of color, texture and squishiness is just irresistible. In my next life I'll be a spinner/weaver/dyer.

  28. Anna - cat seems to have set up home here with occasional forays into the farm next door where the eight year old daughter is very keen on him!
    Marcheline - cooker is marvellous. We are having all the adult children up here this weekend so I shall be cooking for seven and once for nine. That should be a good test!
    Frith - I totally know what you mean about yarn and am the same way about fabric. I have to fight the urge to buy both for the sake of it when other projects remain unfinished!

  29. Someone may have dumped the cat off..when I kept one of my horses at a friend's farm, it happened regularly...they all got their shots, spayed/neutered and fed.Got rather expensive but all were looked after. I think you have a new cat! I just helped my son and daughter in law rescue a cat when I was in the UK in Aug/ home was found so they are now up to 6 cats and Puss Puss has happily settled in...I only have four at home!(In the US) Lynda


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