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Arum bought as a tiny plant at Great Dixter's nursery is now slowly beginning to spread and grow.  I love it.

In the curve of the fallen wild cherry, the native daffodils are starting to push up amongst the fallen leaves.

Frosty morning as the mist lifts and the sun comes through.

 The front roof is looking good.

And inside, marmalade.
So that's what's been happening here.

Any questions?


  1. Great to see the roof! Was wondering what it would be like.

    And your native daffodils too. No sign of ours yet - only the ones in the troughs outside the front door. Gardening does teach us patience?

  2. Salivating at the idea of seville oranges arriving here next week. Marmalade!
    I'm envious of your spring-like weather...we are still blanketed in snow!

  3. Nice to see spring arriving where you are, - every little picture helps and encourages....

  4. It finally looks like Spring is arriving! What beautiful scenery you have there!!
    The roof is looking great.

  5. We are marmalade making this weekend Elizabeth. I have almopst been craving that bittersweet taste. Your garden is so very beautiful and isn't it great to see those early signs of spring? x

  6. No questions! Lovely landsacpes, and the roof looks rather wonderful too, but it is the native daffs pushing their way up through the earth that stole my heart. Wonderful.

  7. Just one. When can I come round?

  8. The roof looks great! All the little shoots poking through are here too, even flowers on winter irises. Your landscapes are wonderful.

  9. Ah, little signs of Spring are so encouraging, even though we know there's a lot of frost (and worse) that may come yet. Don't you have the most wonderful views!

  10. I can smell that marmalade from here.

  11. I've just eaten some bread with homemade marmalade :) (It wasn't me who made it though)

  12. Lovely pictures, capturing the early spring so beautifully! I can see your blog is going to be a wonderful place to visit, like an outing to the country. I was so glad to receive your comment on my blog, and my only question is How are you getting on with your (very large) quilt?? Helen x

  13. Mountainear - I suppose it does teach us patience, or at least persistence! I am always out looking for things that have not yet started to show.
    Jacqueline - we might well have more snow. Last year the worst of snow was January and February but I really hope it has gone. I have totally had enough!
    H&C - it doesn't matter how small the signs, every little helps!

  14. Thank you very much for your kind comment on my blog. I enjoyed it very much!

    What an amazing view you have from your window. To life in a place like that must be very special! Good to see the Daffodils popping up in your garden as well. It won't be long now :-)!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  15. Ah! So beautiful. The mist and the trees, even your gate.

  16. Dan - Thanks. Really pleased with the roof job. We had three generations of the same family on the job!
    Pipany - I love marmalade. Have managed to give away four jars so might even make some more tomorrow.
    Celia - isn't it perfect?
    Plantaliscious - I love the daffs too. I have been looking for more in the field but that is the only place they are showing yet.

  17. How wonderful that you can see spring coming! Our days are longer, but everything is blanketed in snow, so I have to wait a while longer.
    I love the shot of the gate in your hedge, and can almost taste the marmalade!
    If you would like to see some of our snow, drop by:

  18. I have a question! I know that's marmelade in the jars.... but what is that wonderfully buttery looking stuff in the silver pot?

  19. VP - you can come round any time! Come right now if you like.
    Linda - the landscape is fantastic isn't it? When people say good things about the garden they are really responding to the place I think.
    Rachel - I am trying hard to ignore the cold and frost that may still be to come. Fingers in ears singing loudly.
    Weaver - I have another batch to make, maybe it can have whisky in this time!

  20. H - I just gave away a loaf of bread and a jar of marmalade to the physiotherapist who is helping FIL. Still got plenty left though!
    Helen - the quilt rather ground to a halt as I lent my sewing machine to my daughter in law. It came home today so I will restart although now have two other projects on the go too.
    Madelief - I imagine my hills are very different from your landscape!


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