Rain, wine, friends, cake

Rain - teasing me, throwing drops on the greenhouse roof, darkening the flags, tossing the twisted willow, passing over leaving the sweetpeas still gasping.

Wine - a glass by myself, FIL sleeping, my visiting parents in the cottage, Ian away.  Cliche tells you drinking alone is a bad thing, this feels like entirely earned luxury.

Friends - a day snatched yesterday from normal life with people I would not have met without blogging but who are now woven into my life.  Lots of laughter, some sounding off, driving home smiling.

Cake - made two lemon cakes which sank spectacularly.  Tasted wonderful as had to fill the hole with icing.


  1. Yes, I'm still smiling...

    We love lemon cake in our house. Good for you for the effort, even if they did sink, I bet they would have gone down the same way.

    The rain is here over the hills now. It's good to see it, as it was so good to see you. Thank you for a lovely day yesterday.

    I'm in bed now, typing this with a (small) glass of red (the third tonight) on bedside table.

    Night night

  2. I'd have your lemon cake with a hole in it. It sounds perfect just now. Just what the doctor ordered.

    I hope you get some more rain for your parched garden. It has to be really worthwhile.

    Sleep tight.

  3. I can imagine a huge dollop of vanilla ice cream in that hollow in the lemon cake. If I ever make one I'll pray it flops. We've had spectacular wind and rain here too, and a solitary sunny, warm day. But my wildflower seeds are up! Yippee!

  4. Sounds like a perfect day. Hopefully, I'll get some of it second hand in June when one of said party land northward........:)

    Do hope BM was wearing those fab shoes and stockings...:):)

  5. Wine and cake? Sounds like my typical breakfast.
    I thought the Welsh always had a surfeit of rain. We're eagerly awaiting some rain here too - looks promising today. Fingers crossed.

  6. Like the sound of that cake! And pleased you had a good day out.

    No rain here and none forecast.


  7. Beautiful post - that was poetry! But I can't bear the thought of the poor little sweet peas gasping for more...

  8. No rain here to speak of either-but I love the warm days.Lemon cake sounds divine,just make more icing.

  9. Filling the hole in a cake with icing if the cake sinks sounds a pretty good metaphor for life if you ask me elizabeth.

  10. The cakes sound wonderful. And drinking wine alone is something I love to indulge in!

  11. Lemon cake is delicios whether it sinks or not!

  12. What a lovely post.
    Sounds like you've had a very nice time.

  13. Sounds like this week hasn't been too bad - we haven't had quite enough rain, though. Glad the cakes turned out OK!

    Pomona x

  14. Where have I been that I have managed to miss your wonderful words? Absent, 'doing my own thing' - but I thought of you this evening, as I struggled with writing; and my new presence on Facebook and Twitter (am I mad?) - and then I wondered how to contact you to ask if you are going to Malvern (Spring Garden Show) next week? I would love to be able to say hello to you again in person; but if you can't make it there, I plan to be blogging 'live', WiFi willing. All the very best to you and yours. A.

  15. Ooh, one day I'M going to be there with you all *gnashing teeth*! Glad you had some time out with good friends.

  16. Hi, can you give us the recipe for lemon cakes? Thanks a lot


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