Blogs I keep coming back to

Thrift at home
Living thriftily and ethically

Knitting and knowledge from the lovely Annie.

Spinning, knitting, wit.

Lots of knitting, some crochet, lots of inspiration

Purple Podded Peas
An artist and gardener blogs from far away (from me) East Anglia.

It's a stock item
A family phrase which refers to Ian's fabulously stocked workshop.  This is his fabulously stocked blog.

Dreaming in stitches
needlepoint, nature, art, history, self deprecating wit.

The linen cloud
Making, musing, a calm and considered look at life

Jewellery and making things and and lots to think about


Fabulous photos and thoughtful commentary from the Netherlands

Random Ruminations
Beautiful pictures, beautifully described.

Beautiful photographs and writing from Nova Scotia

Useful or beautiful
Lovely name, lovely blog.

Slow Lane Life
One woman with several cats and two dogs took the plunge and relocated to rural life in Somerset.

Funny, heartrending, sane as can be and quite up the wall.  There is no one like Jane.

Spring Cottage
Life in the Quantock hills.  I always loved the name and never knew where they were!

Smitonius and Sonata
A mother and daughter blog from London and Amsterdam

Friko's world
Intelligent, thought provoking, occasionally caustic, never dull.

Chris Stovell
A writer's blog from West Wales with fabulous paintings by her artist husband

Tending to vanish

Asia Vu
Expatriate life, started in Korea, moved to the UK, funny and true.

A Canadian blog from British Columbia, wise and kind.

An eye for the small and beautiful and unusual from an Englishwoman living and working in France

An English woman living in Chicago, fast, thoughtful and funny.

An academic living, running, gardening and writing in a West Coast Canadian island.

Rusty Duck
Building a life in Devon, sharing the ups and downs and making  me laugh.

Sarah Laurence
A writer living and blogging in Maine

Foxglove lane
Fabulous pictures and thoughtful words from Ireland.

Living the dream
Here is a very different way of living the dream than mine - in south east Arizona.

About New york
what it says on the tin

A spirit of simplicity
Short and simple blogs from Massachusetts

A simple blog from the North of England

Above the river
Family life, making things, going places

Loose and leafy
Trees and gardens and photography and a look at the world sideways.  Temporarily mothballed (November 2015) but I hope she will be back.

Patient gardener
Thoughts, pictures, musings on a garden from a passionate plantswoman

Opinionated, challenging, often infuriating, always interesting.  Garden writing from a new perspective.

Knowledgeable, wide ranging, thoughtful,  Veg Plotting really covers the ground.

Hurtled towards Sixty
Wonderful photography and thoughtful text on life, the garden and everything

Gentle, thoughtful gardening blog with Anna.

The anxious gardener
Well he says he is anxious but he seems pretty relaxed to me!

Wildacre flowers
Growing cut flowers is a garden which is both productive and beautiful

Gardens and wildflowers and lots of knowledge to share.

Countryside Tales
Don't know where this one belongs really!  It's a bit like mine in being about making things, being alive, wildlife, especially moths (not like mine at all) and all sorts.  Lovely blog.

A coastal plot
Gardening by the sea with wonderful photos.



Whenever I think I have it tough I remind myself I could be gardening on a Scottish island.

an optimist's garden in Wales.  Always makes me smile.

Creating a new garden in Anglesey.

A Life in Wellies
Great title (I wish I had thought of it first) and great pictures too.

Garden in the Hesperides
Christina's intelligent record of establishing a garden in Italy, with great photographs.

The United States
Clay and limestone
Gail gardens in Tennessee but her passion for wild flowers and native plants strikes a real chord.

Federal Twist
Intelligent and subtle, both in writing and pictures

South Africa

Elephant's Eye at False Bay
Diana has moved  to a new garden in South Africa but retains her keen eye and  crisp way with words


  1. Hello Elizabeth! I saw you left a comment on my blog (about the road runner nest), and I wonder how you found me :-). I try to fly under the radar a bit but I am delighted you liked the post. I did some perusing of your blog and find a kindred spirit. I live "on the other side of nowhere" in the US, but am a transplanted Dutch woman, I came to the US at age 22 (which is some years ago.. ).

    I will keep checking your blog, it looks fun and interesting.

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