making sense of it all

still reeling from the last couple of days. really want to rediscover the pleasure and the innocence of blogging and commenting for the joy of it. let us hope it works for us all here


  1. I think you share the same feelings with a lot of people, elizabethm, it will be just lovely to get down to just some decent bloging for its own sake - I look forward to it!

  2. hi there glad you like the pics, watch 4 more!!!!

  3. Isn't it lovely to be all here? Big sigh of relief I think Looking forward to reading/blogging with you all again. xx

  4. Well I keep going round and round circles but I have posted a blog on my site and hopefully someone will read it nice to have you on board where ever the boat may be sailing. blossom

  5. i can heartily recommend blogging free from the shackles of the commercial imperative of a national media outlet!

    best of luck!


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