In the middle of the night

Why am I here? I have been in bed for hours and I should be sleeping.

Too many things running round my head: Chris's book, Jane's book, luck , persistence. If it is all so hard why even begin to imagine of dreaming of doing it?

Meeting people today:difference, vulnerability, resilience, courage.

CCA's husband's courtesy in the face of the unknown female invasion. Her son's shy smile and raised hand as we passed him in the road.

What makes others' lives difficult and how easy it is to believe that your way is the only way.

How lucky I am.

Ian has been away and is coming home tomorrow. If he were here I would not be at the computer in my dressing gown. Time to try to sleep again.


  1. So sorry that you couldn't sleep. I hope that you did, after writing, manage to get some rest. It sounds as though you had an exciting day today - and you're right - the news, happy and sad, all takes its toll.

  2. You were just totally overwhelmed by the day ...and the fact that the others you hadn't met before were not in dirty macs!
    I bet as I am writing this you are zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
    Take care

  3. I hope you eventually found slumber. I also struggled to get to sleep last night going back over the day and thinking of you all, wondering what you thought etc.

    It was such a pleasure to meet you.
    Thank you for such a lovely day.

    I look forward to doing it again soon.

    Now I hope by the time you read this you are suitably rested and the weather holds up for hours of pleasure in your garden.

    Kind regards

  4. Sometimes its nice and different to be up in the middle of the night!

  5. You sound like you'd been running on too much adrenalin all day - if i'ts any consolation, I was up at about the same time, with a poorly 8 year old!

  6. Methink's you had "to much cake" I slept like a log albiet a chocolate log!...... does this make sence???. is elspeth still

  7. So much going around in your head so well expressed too! I know nights like those! Very jelious of you all meeting up!

  8. Wish it was as easy to meet people over here. What a lovely day you had.

  9. So sorry you couldn't sleep - I'm afraid I was like Bodran and fell asleep with a grin on my face. It was so lovely to meet you all properly. Hope we can do it again soon.xx

  10. Hi Elizabeth, thank you so much for the lovely comment you made about my writing and for all the support. I hope that the next time you have a sleepless night on my account it will be because you're up reading my book! No seriously, thank you - would have been nice to be that little be closer and to have met up with the rest of you. Cx

  11. Sounded like you had a great day though, Elizabeth xx

  12. I'm doing a similar thing now writing late at night because husband is away in London overnight. Your trip to meet the others sounds such fun. Glad to hear all about it.

  13. I'd love to read more about your CCW meeting - have missed so many blogs and can't find a full account anywhere. Who went? What was everyone like? Would love to know.
    I think the damp is sortable....they haven't had proper heating here for years and there is vinyl wallpaper everywhere !!!!! Walls can't breathe. We're seeing an architect friend on Sunday and he's going to recommend someone who specialised in this kind of fingers crossed. I can live with a certain amount of moisture, shall we say, but the front entrance and the wall onto the road is really beyond belief!

    Insomnia horrible, horrible, horrible. Totally and utterly sympathise.....jxxxxxx


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