scents and sounds

My homework:
the smell of Ian's homemade bread warming the kitchen and making my mouth water.

the smell of a compost heap when it is ready for use, earthy and strong but pleasant, the smell of life.

the smell of a baby's head, milky and sweet.

the smell of sweetpeas, faint and evocative, catching the heart unawares.

the smell of a wood fire when the woodburner is being lit and I am outdoors, promising warmth and comfort inside.

the sound of running streams on the hillside.

the sound of Ian's key in the door (back when we lived somewhere where the door was locked!).

the sound of silence, followed by the distant sounds of the valley emerging, sheep far away on the other side, a tractor moving, birds coming and going, bustle not silence at all.

the sound of my chickens clucking and busying themselves contentendly in the garden.

the sound of a cork coming out of a bottle of wine.

I could go on and on!


  1. The cork how could i forget that one???
    These lists could go on and on couldnt

  2. I love sweet peas too, my favourite I think. It sounds perfect where you live. So peaceful.

  3. Your list is full of things I enjoy too (except, of course, the sound of Ian's key in the door - that would be weird!).

  4. Excellent homework! I enjoyed reading about your favourite scents & sounds.

    Crystal xx

  5. compost! yes!

    running streams! yes!

    wood fire! yes!

    i'm with you on all of these. i would add: the squeak of the garage door, which means doug is home.

  6. Wood fires on an winter evening, Yes. Compost? Debatable!

  7. I can't identify with the compost - ours always has too much of the whiff of chicken manure to it!!....but wood smoke - yes!

  8. Very simple, very evocative. That could be my list too (although obviously, I don't know what your husband's bread smells like!)

  9. What a lovely list-I share many with you, running water, compost, sweet peas, the cork...

    warm wishes

  10. Needless to say, I loved this list - I haven't got round to doing mine yet, am trying sooo hard not to spend as much time online, now when I do it will look like I've copied yours!!

  11. Lovely lovely list and a true Purplecooer with the sound of the cork popping.

  12. Happy as a trout! That's good - they have some crazy sayings don't they, sorry, we, I suppose now.

    I did ponder about the 21st but it is a bit of a trek and MiL and Dil will be here but I would love to meet up at some point. Will have to put my mind to it.

    I know what you mean about the expense. The local authority Welsh lessons are practically free but in the end I think it's the total immersion approach which works. The intensive weeks, again subsidised, have been brilliant but it's now back to the one and half hours weekly... with The One, lovely! I suppose that in itself is an incentive to learn quickly and move up fast!


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