A letter to myself

SBS tagged me to write a letter to my thirteen year old self. Hmm, what a self conscious mess she was. Here goes:

Dear Liz
I wanted to let you know a few things I wish I had known when I was thirteen. I don't suppose you will listen to me because I'm you and I know what you are like.

1. One day you will go out with the older brother of your best friend for whom you have been nursing a passion for months. Eventually you will find him boring and dump him. Incredible eh?

2. There really is no need to shave the fair downy hair on your legs.

3. Your legs, downy or otherwise, are lovely. So is all of you.

4. Your six year old sister, currently either invisible to you or a pain, will become your best friend and lifelong support.

5. One day you will stop blushing (most of the time).

6. Even if you do blush, one day you will be able to speak in front of five hundred people.

7. It really would be a good idea to put aside your fear of looking stupid and learn to skate and ski. If you don't do it now, it's not going to happen.

8. One day you will realise you love your step dad.

9. Do not be afraid, and if you can't help it, act anyway. Courage, the greatest of the virtues, without which the others cannot be practised.

10. Much of life is complicated, messy and hard. It is therefore vital to notice when you are having a good time and to live the good bits with unbridled enthusiasm.

11. Quite a lot of stuff doesn't matter. Smile, treat others as you want them to treat you. Never hold a grudge.

12. If in doubt, go for a walk and have a bit of chocolate.

13. Have a great time.

Well go on, get on with it.

much love

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  1. Oh how I wished I had been given the advice not to shave my legs, silly thing to do!! and I would love to have learnt to ski as well, not that I had to chance given to me but like you I was afraid of looking stupid. Hey I look stupid most of the time anyway.
    Good letter.

  2. They're very touching these letters, I love the idea of speaking kindly and wisely to your little self. WIll do mine tomorrow (thanks for tagging me, so excited!) but know that i can never reassure self that could talk to a room of 5 people (unless drunkenly burbling at them of course) let alone 500: am in awe.

  3. Very touching, and fascinating too. I wonder if, at 13, you would have taken your own advice? Lovely letter. xx PM

  4. Lovely. It was hard being thirteen wasnt it, everything seemed so important.

  5. Very nice letter. Sweet. I'm fairly sure that at 13 I would have told my 40 year old self to take a hike. If only we could do this. And be able to listen.

  6. That's really lovely.

    Crystal xx

  7. Yes, it's strange how what mattered desperately at 13 passes wtih age. That was very sweet.

  8. Good letter. When I was 13 crying myself to sleep for some silly reason, I never would have thought 50 year olds like I am now, still cry for silly reasons.

  9. what a great idea. what a great letter. what great, sound advice. i wonder--would the young you have listened?

  10. This was such a good and sensible letter Elizabeth. Have just done mine, and it's really quite poignant, remembering all those insecurities and end-of-the-world dilemmas. Good job I'm so sorted now (note heavy sarcasm).

  11. Lovely letter. I remember the blushing, wasn't it awful? I get hot flushes now but don't give a damn....

  12. Lovely, I'm enjoying reading these letters so much. What power in hindsight!

  13. Good golly, the idea of talking to a room full of people! It is odd talking to yourself like this but it makes me wish I could go back and do it all differently xx

  14. Oh yes, thanks for tagging me. Will have to think about this. But I know at 13 I just wouldn't have listened - like you in this respect.

    Very sound advice in your letter - I recognise a lot. What did I tell my own children? Did they listen?

    Watch this - or perhaps another - space.


  15. If only we had our older selves to tell us not to worry so much about those things that just seem so incredibly important at 13? I do wonder, though, whether we'd have listened. I too have a much younger sister and if someone had told me then she would be my best friend, I'd have run round the house screaming. That was a lovely letter, liz.

    LBD x

  16. That was lovely,and wouldnt it be great to have hindsight especially the leg bit..xxx

  17. These letters are so touching - while very personal, they address so many things that we all have in common. If only we could have understood that most other 13 year old girls were just like us!!!

  18. Well, you can cross me off the list!

    I have done it and it's on the blog.

    A thought provoking exercise indeed.

    Happy Christmas


  19. I like number 10. That's very wise advice.

  20. Remembering to apprecaiet teh enjoyment of life when you have it - sound advice whatever age...one to put on my list for New Year I think!!!!

  21. I found this very touching and strangely familiar....could have been sent to me as a thirteen year old.(except the stepfather part)

    I wish someone had sent me a letter so wise and kind.
    The worst years of my life were as a 13-16 year old...

  22. Wise, wise words..... My mother begged me not to shave my legs! Though they were so long and fluffy I really looked extremely odd. jxxxx

  23. Wise, wise words..... My mother begged me not to shave my legs! Though they were so long and fluffy I really looked extremely odd. jxxxx

  24. I like your words,

    maybe I write a letter to me, someday... over the rainbow, jeje ;)


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