Comfort food

I read this lovely meme on geranium cat's blog and thought I would pass it on. Things to do with food are always appealing!

What did you eat/drink today?
For breakfast two of our own eggs, scrambled with a slice of Ian's bread, toasted, and a glass of orange juice.
For lunch homemade soup using a variety of tired looking vegetables in the rack: onions, a single parsnip, one carrot, several potatoes beginning to sprout. Somehow and with the help of Marigold stock, lots of black pepper and cumin, they became a really good, slightly spicy soup with more homemade bread and butter and an apple to follow.
For tea some butcher's sausages, cooked slowly in oven with jacket potato and buttered broccoli and sweetcorn followed by an orange.
Somewhere in all of this I slipped in a slice of bread and jam, mugs and mugs of ludicrously weak tea and finished up with two glasses of red wine.
It is becoming clear that there is a reason that I am not losing weight.

What do you never eat/drink?
Very little.
I don't like sprouts and have never been keen on sushi.
Even in desperation I wouldn't choose to have Malibu.

Favourite failsafe thing to cook (if you cook) or defrost if you don't
Something with eggs: scrambled or poached, omelette, quiche, anything with eggs in it.

Complete this sentence: In my refrigerator, you can always find
cheese of all sorts, butter, homemade jam, white wine

What is your favourite kitchen item?
A medium sized Sabatier knife (not a stainless steel one) which I have been using all my adult life.

Where would you recommend eating out - either on home turf or elsewhere?
The Yang Sing Chinese restuarant in Manchester's Chinatown.

World ends tomorrow. What would you like for your last meal?
Three courses: soup, a handraised pie and a pudding, all using produce grown here on my hillside eaten with my family round my kitchen table. And a bottle or two of wine of course.


  1. how lovely that you would like your last meal to be in your own kitchen.

    i'm not big on sushi, either. and i never run out of white wine!

  2. You're a big fan of eggs aren't you? I bet having those wonderful fresh ones is heaven!

    I think that last meal sounds lovely, too. And I'm with you on the eggs, especially quiche.

  3. That homemade soup at lunch time sounds familiar - it crops up fairly regularly at Hotel H. Lovely to read about your food comforts.

  4. Very nice - likewise that homemade soup happens often around here - green soup or orange soup, depending on whether it's got carrots in!

  5. G'day from Australia,

    It's summer here - so I did a BBQ in the back yard.

    You should have been there! Beautiful weather, great food, wonderful wine .....

    Next time?



  6. I've been to the Yang Sing in China Town many moons ago, together with the Connought (sorry for spelling) and another but can't remember the name. Really good place to eat.

    Crystal xx

  7. Have never tried sushi ...bit like flying really ...dont think i want to!
    I think your last meal sounds pretty smart but then any meal sat looking at that wonderful view would indeed be lovely....
    loved your common room blog about Friday really was something else

  8. Mmm your food does sound comforting!

  9. Sounds delicious, and very healthsome - I don't think you need to worry about what you're eating. My list would be much less wholesome (and feature bits of cake, biscuits and the boy's leftovers).

  10. The soup sounds familiar here, too. There's nothing nicer than eating your own fresh eggs and home-made bread, all very comforting!

  11. The soup sounds familiar here, too. There's nothing nicer than eating your own fresh eggs and home-made bread, all very comforting!

  12. Tasty blog - all your choices are good honest, down to earth foods - even the Yang Sing's more exotic menus rely on fresh produce cooked to perfection.

    Have you tried the Little Yang Sing? Excellent too.

  13. Well, I could just put my name to all that. Save me the bother of writing one myself. I always have yoghurt in my fridge and usually some olives.

    I love vegetable soup, particularly leek!

    Amazing really how similar we all are on the site.

  14. big, big fan of home made soups & aerobatic knives!

  15. My son made me leek and potato soup after I'd been to the dentist last week, delicious. I drink gallons of weak tea too!


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