A wild wet day

Well our friends came over from Manchester and it is indeed pouring down. There was perhaps half an hour when they first arrived when it was dry which is perhaps just enough time to get some idea of why we live here.

They have gone on a long walk and I wimped out, needing to bake things for some afternoon tea, not wanting to walk in the wind and rain and being pretty sure that they, experienced long distance walkers, would want to go at a pace I would struggle with. So I have made some bread and a leek and cheese pie. I have rubbed the butter into the flour for some cheese scones and some fruit scones, ready to mix up so they will certainly be warm when the walkers come in. I have whipped some cream and decanted some gooseberry and elderflower jam into a pretty jar. The woodburner is lit and the house smells of baking and warmth. I have had the better of it today I think.

The rain is streaming down the windows and the wind is lashing the yew trees. The hens are out somewhere but clearly hiding in a place of shelter. Here from another world is proof that summer does come. Both of these photos were taken last summer, which was a wet and miserable one in my memory, but clearly there were raspberries and the swallows did fly above the pigsties. It takes a bit of a leap of faith to believe in summer today.


  1. Only just caught your last blog, so it's nice to have the update, which has also served to emind me I need to shut the laptop and bake some bread.
    Yes, I do remember a time when the sun shone the weather was warm and we all sat around bare legged drinking chilled Pinot Grigio under a sunshade on the very lawn that is now such a damp tangle of weeds.

  2. Gosh, yes, summer...
    Definitely would have been with you, inside, baking - although in my case it would be a hit-and-miss affair as to whether there would be anything actually left to eat by the time the walkers got back. Hope they can actually see something in this weather. Warm scones will be just the ticket when they get back.

    Summer will come, eventually, and by then we'll have forgotten all about the damp and the wind and the rain.

  3. Love that green leafy picture! Mmm yes no fun walking on a day like today.

  4. Summer :: sigh :: I think I shall need sheep in by the time its dry enough to put a mower on the grass, its ankle deep already!

    Love the apple blossom picture against that sky, I have some pear blossom just in flower, can't be long now eh?

  5. Oh how I wish I was on that walk, and coming back to your place for a leek and cheese pie.

    What a gorgeously tantalizing glimpse of landscape beyond those tree blossoms!

  6. Oh for just one day of something slightly summery. I could cope with the wind and rain if someone made me a leek tart!

  7. warm scones and a leek pie!
    i wish i were visiting you!

    we have sunshine here, and a bit of a thaw. we encountered mud on the walk for the first time in five months.

  8. I think we'd all like to be in your warm cottage this afternoon, stretched in front of the log burner with that afternoon tea. Baking and warmth - perfect.

    There was some summer last year - I had sweet peas in late November - but it wasn't one of the best was it?

    I hope you'll come and walk around the garden here with me and we can compare notes.

    Love the blue sky and blossom picture.

  9. Oh if I was mad enough to go walking in all this horrible wet weather - which I was - I would love to come home to your baking, the smell of baking and your lovely warm house. I bet they were happy when they got in.

  10. Yes, I remember last year's very short summer. It can only get better this year, can't it?

    Crystal xx

  11. That second photo could be the south of France, the sky is so blue.
    Summer will come and it's not far away now!
    I actually love walking in the rain and to come back to your home cooking would be my idea of heaven. Lucky guests.

  12. can hardly hear myself think with the wind roaring round the house and the rain pelting at the windows so weep at the thought of blue skies. And salivate at the thought of cheese scones. Very must-have you make your life sound - your Manchester friends must just hate you!! Hope the sun shines tomorrow.

  13. Wasn't it a pain yesterday! quite nice friday , quite nice today yesterday we had 6 poor people doing a drystone wall course Bless them they where drenched and colin.xx are we meeting soon with the shropshire lot??

  14. The photos are great, especially that second one. The sky is almost impossibly blue.

    Warm scones. Yum. Can I come see you?

  15. I am so pleased to find your wonderful blog! I lived in North Wales many years ago and it is lovely to read about your life there.

  16. I love your photos. The first one had quite a tropical look.
    It was a lovely day today and I spent some time clipping back the honey suckle that divides our garden with next door. It had all got out of hand. I do a small amount every now & again so that it won't look bare & the wild life won't miss it.

  17. My kind of day, I'd much rather be pottering and baking and lighting fires. Those pics are lovely - a hint at what's to come, it really feels like Spring's warmth is just around the corner...

  18. oh your house smells lovely and it's so waarrrmmm, please may I come for afternoon tea? What a delightful homecoming for the walkers!

  19. Don't panic - it's on its way. Much warmer and drier here in the far north and, let's face it, after such a lousy couple of months it has to improve.

    The baking sounds fantastic.

  20. Elizabeth, I find so many resonances in your blog - not least the hill you are up, and the weather and the memory of a wet windy summer with just the odd, sublime, day of sun (for us it was the girls' birthday party, thank God - a light and sunny filling in a soggy grey sandwich! And what could be better than the smell of fresh baking in a warm house to welcome you back after a cold, wet, windy walk.

    I'm with you on the cup of tea outside whenever possible - it tastes so good! Was so sorry to read of the loss of your father at such a young age, but New Zealand must have been marvellous. A childhood friend of mine is emigrating there in the autumn with his New Zealand wife and two children. I am a little envious - it looks such a beautiful country (did you see Around the World in 80 Gardens when they were in NZ and Oz? - it was stunning).

    I talk too much and live inside my head too much too. As you say, action is often better, but thought is good too as long as it doesn't dislocate you too much from reality (hence the need for action!).

    My husband's an accountant and for my sins I worked part time in a small accountancy firm typing letters to HM INspector of Taxes all over the country - maybe I wrote to you!! - while trying to make it as a freelance writer.

    Hope the sun's shining on you today and that you can take that cup of tea outside...


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