A simpler life?

Today I have been spinning plates: trying to make jelly, get an important document off for work, finish off the cottage for visitors tomorrow, pick raspberries, make meringues, shave my legs, pack my bags for my holiday, check my bank balance, make sure I can make a lunch time meeting in the same week elder daughter is coming to visit.

While wiping the hot jars of redcurrant jelly and trying to talk on the phone I dropped a jar in all its glorious hot, wet stickiness all over the kitchen floor. Hot red jelly sliding all over the worn red lino, stickiness everywhere, jeans soaked, trainers slipping and sliding in stickiness. What seemed like hours of wiping and mopping and mopping again.

So the idea of a simpler life is a powerfully attractive one: no trains, no blackberry, no juggling; lying in every morning and taking breakfast outside in the silence and the sunshine, filling the bird feeders, picking our own vegetables and fruit. Is it a fantasy? A Chimera?

Perhaps life can be simpler but harder. Less money, less choice. But is less choice a bad thing?

On Sunday we are going on holiday for a week to a cottage in mid Wales. A week of sleeping and reading and walking. Can't wait.


  1. Have a fabulous holiday.

    If I could afford to live in a simpler, perhaps harder place, I would gladly choose it.

    Irony is that economics makes it easier for me to live in this very complicated city, where I do daily strive for greater simplicity.


  2. Have good hols. Really laughed about red currant jelly- hope it had cooled down before hitting the floor.

  3. Simple isn't, as you say, as simple as it sounds. We left behind the life of pressures and deadlines but have found we are as busy as ever. That old cliche 'How ever did we find time to work?' is very true.

    The difference is that the time is our own. Wonderful. Highly recommended.

    Enjoy your holiday - please call in if you are passing.

  4. and ALWAYS happens when you're short of time. The effort, the clearing up, the stickiness, the waste of time. I do sympathise. And yes, this chimera business. Be careful what you wish for ...

  5. an, i love those cabin vacations.

    read a lot. think of nothing and everything.

    take naps.

  6. It's always the way - the jelly that is. We opted for fewer choices - so far, so good. And if you're anywhere near the ww coast and need a cuppa, pm me. Have a lovely holiday.

  7. Oooh, I can just feel that stickiness of jam now and you never really get rid of it!! I do hope you enjoy your holiday, it sounds blissful.

    CJ xx

  8. Have a wonderful break . . . no not going to give you a hug you are far too sticky.

    HS and I made the choice to live a simpler life - more creative. a LOT less money . . . but ooooooodles of happiness and contentment . . . I am amazed at how busy I am every day and just how happy.

  9. Living the simple life is fabulous in theory but sooo hard to get right. How hugely frustrating to lose a jar of jelly.....
    Hope you have a wonderful relaxing time away - and that it helps your head clear so everything becomes - well - simple.... ah, that would be fine, no? jxxxxxxx

  10. Oh that is so annoying when you get hot sticky things like jam and glass all over the floor. The old saying "more haste, less speed" is true, I'm afraid.
    Hope you enjoy your holiday.

  11. I think everyone agrees there's no such thing as a really simple life, but putting the pressure of careers and city life behind you is incredibly rewarding.

  12. I don't miss the money from my old job. I do not miss the job, either. On occasion I do miss a person or two, but have to admit I much prefer staying home with the children. It's not all lie ins s and contentment, but is pretty darn wonderful.

    I hope your week away is enjoyable and relaxing.

  13. Oh damn and blast - I can just see and feel that happening having made that red, hot sticky jelly stuff myself last week!
    Let me know how the thoughts go when you're enjoying the simpler life - I'd love to know your conclusions. Enjoy the week, every second of it.

  14. I sense you're at an impasse, I feel a big decision coming on. And I do hope your week away, relaxing and reflecting will help work things out for you. xx

  15. I've just tagged you for 6 random things x

  16. Don't know whether you'll get this. Have a very good time. I know that oppressed too long a to do list feeling just oh so well.


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