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Eliane who writes a blog about all sorts of matters close to my heart (chickens, wood burning stoves, food) has tagged me to write six interesting things about myself. I think I was tagged to do this one a little while ago now and I suspect I used up anything even close to interesting then but I have had a go at some not terribly interesting but individual things.

My absolute favourite food, the thing I would have if I had to choose one thing to eat for the rest of my life, is Ian's homemade bread with far too much salty Welsh butter. It has to be homemade bread and real butter. I remember my grandmother giving me pieces of butter to eat like cheese when I was a child which perhaps accounts for my passion for it now. Anyone seeing one of my doorsteps for the first time tends to do a double take and sometimes I hope that, if I whisk the plate away before they can get a good look, maybe they are still thinking that the slice on my bread is cheddar.

When I was about fourteen and we lived in the South Island of New Zealand a small penguin hopped up to me on a stony beach and sat on my foot. It was surprisingly heavy.

I can do the Lotus position but I cannot touch my toes.

I love silence and can be guaranteed to sit in silence unless I am actively watching a television programme or listening to the radio. This is funny because I am married to a lovely man who likes the radio on wherever he is. I also love being outside. Being outside in the garden, in the sunshine, in the quiet, eating a piece of bread and butter and thinking about doing something in the greenhouse is my idea of near to heaven. All it lacks is my family, my bed and a glass of wine.

From my desk in Canary Wharf I can see the Milennium dome. From my desk at home I can see the pigsties.

I can interpret a set of accounts, speak a bit of Welsh, happily deliver a speech to hundreds. I can't dive, ski, do mental arithmetic or bear to watch The X Factor.


  1. How very interesting.
    We love homemade bread too and when the heifer calves... might Jethro try making butter, I am not sure?
    We are probably far too busy, but tend to have a go at most things. Obviously watching "the Good Life" all those years ago left an indelible mark even with farming backgrounds!

    Thanks too for your comments on my blog.

  2. we part company massively in the last one: cannot interpret accounts; the thought of delivering a speech makes me feel physically sick; Welsh, well, er, each to their own, but to ski is to touch heaven, I love mental maths (pitiful sense of achievement) and the X factor, oh, to be honest it's lost its edge but I did love it!

  3. I wish I could ski Milla, but have decided that it is easier to accept that I should have done it long ago. funny if it is only in the last one that we part company!

  4. a lovely blog
    many thanks


  5. I love baking bread, never made butter though. I have the radio on most of the time (radio 4), but will function just as well in silence. Now look what you have done, made me start thinking!

    Thanks for visiting my blogs.


  6. We haven't got a great deal in common, except for the love of silence. I'm not sure if I am with you on the xfactor, as I've never even tried to watch it.

  7. An interesting list. I love silence and being outside too (but I also love Radio 4).

  8. I think that was an interesting list.
    I love bread & butter too.
    Would love a penguin to jump on my foot (most unlikely where I live!)
    Love the radio and being outside in the garden & for walks!
    I HATE the thought of public speaking, mental arithmetic and the Xfactor.
    We have some things in common then!!!!!!!

  9. I think freshly baked bread with sweet cream butter might be the best thing I've ever eaten.

    I love your list.

  10. Mmm, sounds delicious, almost as good as the sound of silence. Very scarce in the busy world we live in.

  11. Love the idea of Ian's home-made bread and lashings of salty, Welsh butter. Haven't yet cracked breadmaking - well, I can do white, but anything brown comes out like a brick however much I knead it.

  12. Do you mind, welsh hills! I am now sitting here drooling over that exquisite picture you painted of home made bread and salty welsh butter - can't write any more - must go and make myself a slice of bread and butter - grossly inferior to the home made stuff.

  13. I am with Kaycie on the fresh bread and cream...something my grandmother of English heritage fed me as comfort food. Can touch my toes but have trouble with lotus. Someday hope to visit the British Isles and see where my families originated.

  14. okay Kaycie said sweet cream butter which is also excellent.

  15. Budge up - I'm joining you with the homemade bread and a glass of wine!

  16. It's the penguin one that beguiles me the most!

  17. You know I think I'm addicted to bread (or toast) and butter too - I try porridge for breakfast and have withdrawal symptoms.
    Silence I love too.
    Accounts – no; giving presentations makes me feel like a rabbit caught in headlights; penguin on foot I’d love!

  18. Hmm, from my London desk I can see the back of the house where Virginia Woolf lived; from my desk at home I can see an ash tree covered with so much ivy I worry when there's a gale, and the family of wrens in a tumbledown wall. Guess which I prefer!

  19. Great penguin image! I can also see the Dome from my desk and find the X Factor hideous.

    I only wish I coudl see piggies from my flat though. But I don't think they'd like living in Fulham.

    Damn - now you've made me think of bacon again...

  20. That was interesting and fun! My mum made homemade bread and I remember when walking home from school I could smell that heavenly fragrance before I even got into the house. Homemade bread with butter and mum's homemade blackberry jam.... YUM!!


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