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Little Brown Dog (writer of one of the best blogs in the world) has tagged me to identify seven words which describe me. Mmm. Tricky. I thought of ringing my daughter and asking her advice as described by Fennie (another writer of great blogs) but that seemed a bit too copy cat. So here goes:


I like company. I like talk and laughter and people round the table with a glass of wine. I can talk to anyone about pretty much anything and love meeting new people and going to new places. I love jokes and funny stories and have had to train myself not to be the last to leave. I always assume that everyone I meet is a potential friend. However in order to be sociable I have to have large tracts of time when I am


I like being by myself and sometimes if I have had uninterrupted company for too long I find myself needing to run away and hide in a cupboard. I am quite happy to have days in a row where I don't see anyone and talk to no-one but the cats and the chickens. Too much company makes me harrassed and irritable. Too little makes me shut down and become grumpy and grunty.


I tend to think the best of everyone until they do something to make me think otherwise. I think things will turn out fine even when they seem to be a mess. I can usually find something to be cheerful about when things are going wrong. I must be a right pain to live with, always skipping about looking for the silver lining.


I have a wildly overactive imagination and can think myself into a disaster scenario at the drop of a hat. If Ian is half an hour late home when he is riding his motorbike I have respected his wishes for a non-religious funeral, tried my hand at running a bed and breakfast and moved to Devon to be nearer my ageing parents by the time he comes in through the door. So vivid has this been that while delighted to see him again sometimes I am almost surprised.


I like analysis. I like thinking my way through things and I can see a flaw in someone's argument at thirty paces, even, sadly, my own. I hate sentimentality and resent it when someone tries to manipulate my emotions. I am likely to be the person who doesn't cry at a sad film and who sits on the sidelines during any national outpouring of feeling being sceptical.


I had the best teacher as my mother is one of the kindest people I know. There is nothing more important than treating others with the kindness you would hope to meet. I think I am kind. I know I place kindness above other things which I greatly value such as intelligence.


I will do anything for you and happily put your interests before my own if I like you and want you to be happy. However I absolutely hate to be told what to do or what to think and if you try to make me do something I won't play.

I think so many people have been tagged to do this now that I won't pass this on to another seven people but if you haven't done it and would like to please consider yourself tagged. I would love to see the response from laurie at three dog blog, karen at an artist's garden and paula at locks park farm but only if you fancy doing it.


  1. Ha, can you be both optimistic and pessimistic, truly? I'm so like you on the over-active imagination when someone is late! I think it's a woman thing, men just think 'Oh she's late' full stop! Enjoyable post, thank you.

  2. Sounds daft doesn't it, the idea that you can be both pessimistic and optimistic? I think you can though. I think I am optimistic in general outlook but find it very easy to think out a disaster scenario in relation to something specific. It is almost as if by thinking the worst I get rid of it and can get on with being cheery!

  3. Oh Elizabeth - I have no doubt that one can be both an optimist and a pessimist....well balanced, really!
    Very interesting, and it makes me all the sadder that I won't meet you in Harrogate in the fall.

  4. Gosh, maybe we are all from the same litter. Separated at birth, lost siblings scattered by the four winds of fate suddenly, optimistically and pessimistically thrown together by the virtual experience of Purple Coo.

    When I read these posts I want to shout 'that's me too!' Even down to the over active imagination bit. How often have I done that?

    Lovely post, Elizabeth, and in painting the picture of yourself you have painted a picture of many of us.

  5. You did a good job of writing that. I just can see you clearly now.

  6. How funny, like Fennie I can see myself in there too.. I'd be interested to see if we're the same zodiac sign??

  7. I'm a Virgo Jude and have always thought I am typical in some ways and in others very like a Libra. I am a great one for seeing everyone's point of view!

  8. I think I sound much like you Elizabeth and definitely have the mix of optimism and pessinism. It is totally possible! x

  9. A clever seven with much to reflect upon, Elizabeth - clever because you've described yourself and guarded your privacy at the same time. Another demonstration of those contradictory traits, perhaps. The solitary bit really struck a chord with me. Like you, I need time out to recharge my batteries - I feel quite drained if I'm around too many people for too long. I also smiled at the pessimistic bit as I'd gone through a similar process yesterday when Tom was late back from a bike ride!

  10. These are always so enlightening. And I agree, yes you can be both sociable and solitary, optimistic and pessimistic, kind and awkward - people are complex and I think I'm all those things at times, too. And I SO have done that planning the funeral service / bed & breakfast scenario thing; in fact it's almost a weekly occurrence as H invariably seems to get a flat tyre or accidentally lock himself in the office virtually on a weekly basis.

    (ps thank you for that lovely compliment. Ok, ok - I WILL book that weekend in your cottage...)

  11. I think your and SBS blogs are amazing - I love them. Have downloaded this to have a good read later. My blog nearly always ends up like a supermarket trolley with a wonky wheel that goes anywhere but where I want it to. Come to think of I suppose that describes me as well. Wonder if I could fit that into 7 words?

  12. I love the bit about being pessimistic. It rings so true.

  13. I know more about you, thanks for sharing!

  14. I think many of us have paradoxical opposites simmering away in our characters. This was a very good read indeed Elizabeth.

  15. I thought I had already replied to this post but I see my comment got lost. You are exactly the sort of person I could get along with, perhaps this blogging lark connects like-minded souls like the Nat. Women's Register once did, in the steam age.
    By the way, it's okay to plan the funeral, just so long as you are not actually disappointed when you have to change your plans upon the safe arrival of the body.

  16. Disaster scenario - that's me! And so many of the other things you said - just like me!

    Maybe bloggers have a lot in common just because they blog!

  17. I agree with Fennie - it is a bit spooky how many like minds are linked by the PC.

  18. What a great blog. Found you through, And - Who Cares. Must keep this tagging article so I can try it out myself some day when I gather together some friends. All very new to me this Blogging. Will return here often. Thank you.

  19. Love your positive attitude! Lovely post altogether.

  20. i love that you are both sociable and solitary! me, too.

    i will do this. thanks for asking.

  21. Brilliant! I so-o-o recognise the funeral planning and moving house, and men just don't understand it at all - not even sons carefully brought up to appreciate that women think that way.


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