A miscellany of photos

Just a few photos to share.  Here are some of my crocuses.  I used to be a bit sniffy about crocuses but have come to love them.  There is something about the way they open their faces to the sun that makes me smile.

Also making me smile is my son and daughter in law's dog, Flora, who is staying with us for a month while they are in India for a month as part of their medical course.  She is such a good natured dog, keen to please, struggling slightly with the loss of her usual place and her usual people but always happy for a walk or a throw of the frisbee or just to be allowed to odd about outside when we are gardening.  Here she is setting off with me down to the little river in the bottom of the valley.  She loves to swim.  Labradors used to be called "water dogs" and she is truly at home setting out for sticks, swimming or splashing about, diving in and scrambling out up the bank to deposit the stick ready for it to go in again.

On the way down to the river we pass an enticing hole.  It is probably a badger set.  We had nightly visitors to our garden a couple of weeks ago, digging up the crocuses, turning over the grass in search of chafer grubs.  There is a large pile of spoil which isn't showing in the picture which is also typical of a badget set.
Looking up as we go down across the field there is the first sense that the bleached land is beginning to green.

And growing by the track are some lovely small double daffodils, wild I imagine as they are too far from any houses to be garden escapees.
Tonight the dog responded to Match of the Day by trotting off into the other room and putting herself to bed.  I should follow suit.


  1. What lovely spring photos!! If I were Flora, I would love visiting with you too!! Enjoy your weekend!!!

  2. Hello Elizabeth. I've just found your blog. We used to live on the Shrophire/Wales border overlooking the rolling Welsh hills, and your photos take me back. For the last 37 years we've lived in S W France where, here too, spring has made a sudden rush.

  3. Isn't is good to be 'out' and seeing what's going on? The grass certainly is greening up - Alan cut the lawns at the front yesterday - which I think was a tad enthusiastic but it does look a lot tidier.

  4. I love this sort of 'this is my life today' post. Very restful.
    Crocuses don't mean so much to me here, as they just sort of blend in with the many other spring flowers, but when we lived in a really cold climate crocuses bloomed when nothing else yet had colour, and were a true sign of the end of winter.

  5. Great pics! Thanks! Doggie is lucky to have you as a host.

  6. Looks like Flora is having a ball on her holidays, and you are enjoying your new house guest!

  7. My crocuses are doing odd things. First I thought they weren't going to come up at all. Then, some did - and flowered. (Small-ly.) Then they finished.

    Today, when I was planting gladioli bulbs, I discovered the leaves of crocuses which seem to have decided to come up for a late season. Daft.


  8. Hi Elizabeth. The photos are lovely. Crocus are quite strange - one minute they're flowering their heads off and then like a puff of wind they're gone. Flora looks like she's having fun.

  9. I love crocuses too, Elizabeth. In Calgary, they are - along with daffodils - just about the only flowers that are hardy enough to show their faces after a long, cold winter. Such optimism. Lovely post.

  10. Ooh how exciting to have a badger sett nearby. Keep up posted on sightings. Apparently we have a new sett in the wood behind our house. It's only a year or two old. I feel some possible dusk spotting coming on in the summer.

  11. Pretty crocus! We can't grow them here so I must admire them through the photos of others!

  12. Kim - it has felt very like spring today. Dog has been impeccably behaved, grandson pretty good too!
    LM - if I didn't live here France would be my only other alternative. good to meet you.
    Mountainear - I must admit the very first thought of grass cutting had crossed my mind but I dismissed it sharpish.
    Pondside - crocuses here definitely follow snowdrops and predate daffodils so there is a strong sense of progression. Love them too.
    Marcheline - this is a good place for a dog I think.
    Dan - I am enjoying having her around!
    Esther - funniest thing about my crocuses is the number which have been disturbed by badgers. Wish they would show some taste and leave them alone.
    Molly - my crocuses are still here but you are right. I will turn my back and they will have disappeared while the snowdrops hang on for ages.
    Deborah - is it odd to find a flower optimistic? It certainly makes me feel that way!
    Silverpebble - We see lots of badgers around here. One is often crossing the road as I come up the hill after Welsh class. I do rather wish they would stay out of my garden though!
    Silvia - you can't grow crocus? I must come over and see where you are!

  13. Oh no, I said Silvia, sorry Sheila!

  14. Great photos! Spring is here! Well, Spring has come to you. Not here yet.

  15. Wonder sharing of Spring and the black lab visiting.

    I enjoyed my visit.

  16. Just found your blog via a roundabout route.

    What a nice weekend. And I sort of agree with the dog's view on MOTD!

    Mad x

  17. almost spring, but not quite.

    enjoy the Malvern Show, it is a wonderful show; we went quite regularly for most of the years we lived here.

  18. I love purple crocuses! I'm going to plant more for next year...

  19. Callie - we thought we had spring but now snow is forecast for tomorrow.
    Wild magnolia - good to meet you and glad you enjoyed it!
    MBNAD woman - I'm with you and the dog on MOTD
    Friko - you are so right. spring is just waiting in the wings and hasn't taken the stage yet.
    andamento - crocuses are just so cheering somehow!


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