End of month view

It is fascinating to see, now that I have been doing this for a few months, how parts of the garden grow over the year.
Here is the side garden today.

 Here it is at the end of May.

And here at the end of April.

And empty and cold at the end of March.  Even the daffodils hadn't shown their faces.

And here are the other views at the end of a dry and sunny June.
This bank is the hottest and sunniest place in the garden with penstemons and pinks and sedums flourishing and various other things that I have tried rapidly frizzling away.
And here is the kitchen garden.  We have lifted the garlic today and eaten most of the broad beans.  I sowed what has proved to be ludicrous numbers of lettuces.  There is a whole bed full of lettuce and we can't keep up despite compulsory lettuce every day.

Everything is looking a bit hot and bothered but we are promised rain tomorrow.  I came away from my daughter's feeling I should stay longer and wandering around at home has made me aware all over again of quite what an amazing amount of work there is to do here.

Never mind, things will get done, or not, and the sky won't fall.  The sweetpeas have started flowering and when I have finished work tomorrow I shall pick a huge jugful for our bedroom.


  1. Here we are in the depths of winter, not that it is terribly cold or wet, it should be a lot wetter but miserable outside non the less.
    It is such a delight to see your beautiful garden when mine is awful.

  2. Not a single hot day here yet, but things grow - slowly. Your garden is beautiful - the views, the layout - everything!

  3. I am going to try this exercise - a photo each month from the same vantage point. The change is remarkable (and inspiring in the cold months) - and I hope a useful record of what's where, so that I don't try to put bulbs in in the Fall, where I've already forgotten there are hostas. I love your garden - it's just a dream to look at.

  4. Elizabeth, it all looks fabulous. I think we'll have to have a 'cyber horticultural show' later in the season. Wadda-ya-think?

    Bisou, Cro.

  5. nice view and i lovd the flower on header


  6. Oh Elizabeth a jug full of Sweetpeas in the bedroom, how wonderful. They have such a lovely scent.
    Despite all the work and the effort at the end of the day it really is worth it don't you think so?
    Would you want to live in a concrete jungle looking out at fences and brick walls?
    Nice to see the photos of the garden as it changes through the seasons.

  7. So THESE are the salad days!

  8. You have a beautiful piece of heaven to garden in... so beautiful. I enjoyed the monthly views!

  9. What inspiration seeing a photo diary of the garden, and all that hard work has paid off, it looks fab.
    Posie x

  10. Well it is pouring with rain tonight. At least down here. I am tempted to say with regard to the lettuces that you must be the only gardener to rue the absence of rabbits. But what do you do if you're a rabbit that doesn't like lettuce?

    I hope you keep up this time lapse photography.

  11. Penny - it is so weird how hard it is, when one is cold, to remember heat, or the other way round for that matter.
    Pondside - we have expanding squash as a result of heat and diminishing corn, as a result of no rain. The lettuce, sadly, don't care. They are just bent on world combination.
    Frith - it is a really good idea (thanks to patientgardener). I have seen my garden in a different and kinder light since I started.
    Oh yes, Cro. Up for a cyber show. There is a great one at Emsworth village show.

  12. I am laughing at the thought of the compulsory lettuce a day. Your garden is looking glorious Elizabeth ~ hope that the rain materialised - it has done so in Cheshire.

  13. What an amazing splash of colour in your header!

    How do you cope with slugs and lettuces? I'd assumed Wales would be awash with slugs.


  14. Seema - thank you. I love the poppy too!
    Claire - I am not sure I could back to living in a city now. I have grown addicted to the green and the space around me.
    Marcheline - certainly salad days here. Can I send you some?

  15. Elizabeth - your garden IS looking quite lovely, and I say this having visited and seen it in all its verdant glory .... especially the lettuce!


  16. Your garden looks beautiful.
    I have just one sweet pea flower so far! As well as other flowers of course :-)

  17. Meredhuit - thank you and thanks for visiting. The monthly view is a great idea isn't it (courtesy of patientgardener).
    Rosie - I wish I had started this earlier. It is really interesting seeing the garden change and a great help in deciding what to do.
    Fennie - now rather meanly, I am not sure I would like the rabbits having my lettuces, even though we are drowning in them. I must take more of a Peter Rabbit view and be less of a Mr McGregor perhaps.

  18. oh, that was neat to see your garden from month to month, looks SO pretty right now! Yes, the work always awaits us, and no one is the worse off from its waiting!That's certainly my motto this summer! But, I have got some things done and its so nice to be reclaiming my yard. happy week to you!


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