So what is happening today?

Beautiful morning, coldish but bright and clear.  Builders working on the roof.
Today is a bit of timetabled day!  Having already done the usual morning round of laundry, chickens, washing up it looks like this:

10.00am Take cottage guest to station
10.40 - 12.15ish  Drive to Manchester to have lunch with parents who are up visiting a friend.
12.30 - 2.20  Lunch, chat.
2.20 - 3.00 Drive my mother to the hospital so we can both visit my father in law who has been having a rather bumpy time of it.
3.00 - 4.00 Visit!
4.00 - 4.45 Take my mother back to her friend's house.
4.45 - 5.30 Drive to daughter in law's house to lend her my sewing machine and say hello to older grandson.
6.00 - 7.30 Drive home

All this driving is not doing much for my carbon footprint.  Maybe I'll plant a tree!

Actually went back to hospital for the first hour of visiting in the evening to keep him company until our older son arrived for a visit, so back about 9.00 pm.  It's only at times like this that I am aware that we have made our lives difficult by moving to the country!


  1. You are very good taking your guest to the station - I have never come across holiday cottages offering that service before.
    With all the gardening you do etc etc I am sure your carbon footprint is a lot less than many others!!

  2. I like the idea of you turning into a sort of Johnny Appleseed of the Welsh hills. You could put a roof rack on your car with a pile of young trees on it, put a spade and a fork in the boot, boots on your feet . . . and plant a tree randomly whenever you take an extra journey in the car.


  3. I am waving to you as you pass by x

  4. I like that image of you with a roof rack full of seedlings! On the other hand, everything you described involved lessening impact by keeping one other car off the road and by sharing resources (sewing machine?) All good!

  5. But what is so heartwarming about all these journeys is that each one involves human contact with people whom you love, or who, because of your kindness, may well love you!

  6. In my opinion, you're making up for your carbon footprint by spending valuable time with your family.

  7. I think you more than make up for this day's carbon footprint with all those green things you nurture in your lovely garden, Elizabeth. You're a good-hearted soul.

  8. I don't think I would be able to stand up straight after all that driving!

  9. If I had to do that amount of driving in a day I would be absolutely good for nothing for the following three days!

  10. Helen - hope you are right about carbon footprint. Do very little consumerism and grow lots of food so must surely help?
    Lucy - love the idea of the roofrack full of trees. The Suburu which I have been driving today has the perfect roofrack for it. Might slow me down if I have to keep whipping out my spade.
    Sue - still would love to say hello in the flesh!
    Pondside - yes, we are sharing resources and that would be deeply encouraging if not for what follows. Can I confess that, having lent my sewing machine, I have a keen urge to buy myself another one?

  11. Rachel - that is a good way of putting it! All yesterday's journeys were worthwhile in those terms.
    Marcheline - you have said the same as Rachel I think, in different words. thank you.
    Deborah - I would think the garden and the semi self sufficiency we manage must count for something. And in the end the people you love have to be the most important thing.
    EPM - I don't mind the driving at all. In fact I quite like it. Ian normally drives when we are together so driving on my own has become a sort of pleasure!
    Weaver - see above! don't mind the driving although will admit to being shattered when I got home last night.

  12. Dear Elizabeth, One's usual schedule goes completely out of the window when there are hospital visits to make. Suddenly everything seems upside down, but that is a small price to pay to be with loved ones when they are at their most vulnerable. Whatever, returning home to your beautiful house in that glorious countryside must raise your spirits. I do hope so!!

  13. But you have made our lives much more enjoyable with your pictures and your gardening. Best wishes to you father in law. You are excused your carbon footprint.

  14. I'm exhausted just reading about it, but I think your focus on relationships more than makes up for any minor carbon footprint issues, particularly in the light of your wider lifestyle. Hope your father-in-law is healing well.

  15. Oh! Hectic! I think it's truly lovely that you take your guests to the station. What a wonderful service!

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