Day 7 of the 100 day project

Rain and rain and rain.  So not working outside today, even for five minutes.  Today's version of the 100 day project is some thinking.  I want to pass some things on.  We have been looking at things in the garden that we can share or pass on to other gardeners, both plants and tools. 

We have lots of hazel whips which were a gift from a friend who does tree rescue like some people do dog rescue.  He can't bear to see young trees thrown away so he takes them and tries to find someone who will give them a permanent home.  He gave us these on the basis that surely we must have room for them.  We heeled them in while we thought about it.  When we moved the henhouse the place where they were became incorporated into the hen run.  Now they are scratched around and sat under and still there, maybe three years on.  We still don't have a sensible long term home for them so we are going to give them to some friends who are just starting out on their gardening life and would like to incorporate them into a hedge.

Once you get started on the idea of passing something on, you find yourself with all kinds of ideas.  We have a great collection of gardening tools but inevitably you find that you use the same ones.  There is a little border fork and a border spade that I use and some small hand tools.  Other than that, the shed is full of things I never use.  Ian uses different tools - a larger, heavier spade for digging, a larger fork and a rake.  But I still think there are tools which we could pass on.

So that is the task for today: to think about what could be passed on for others to use.  I really like that idea.  Plants to establish in other people's gardens, tools to be used in other places.


  1. 'The best laid plans of mice and men' defeated by rain/nature. We had a dry then sunny spell in the late afternoon, so achieved some weeding. Hope weather is better to day for you.

    1. Today (Sunday) is lots better so I am off to blog about today!


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