Day 42 of the 100 day project

Does this count as nearly half way?  A couple of days so busy that there was not a space to get out into the garden.  I countered that by thinking about which plants I would have if I had a much smaller space.  I didn't get very far with that but in a couple of weeks I have been invited to go with a friend to Chelsea.  I am so looking forward to it.

Today I more than made up for a couple of days off.  I planted all the plants I had bought earlier in the week.  The white foxgloves went into the side garden, currently being lit by the flame of this smyrnium perfoliatum.  I bought it years ago from Great Dixter.  It took a while to settle in but now it self seeds just enough to make it interesting. It is a triennial, the only one I have ever knowingly possessed.  This makes it even more important not to weed out the plants which have no flower spikes as they will sit quietly in year two before exploding into lime green gorgeousness in year three.

I also put the hollyhocks into the other bed in the side garden together with the violas.  The hollyhocks which I bought last year are only just hanging on, looking very skimpy and sad.  I don't know why are not thriving but I will have one more go to see if I can get them established.

This is such a perfect time of year.  The cuckoo was calling from the wood further up the valley and swallows were wheeling and whizzing as I worked.  It was nothing like as warm as last weekend but still the sun shone and hedges chattered with birds coming and going.

I love May.


  1. May is a glorious month. I too have been planting, a clutch of Imperata which I hope will make a lovely drift of red later in the year. We’re getting chilly nights though, only a couple of degrees above zero last night.

    1. It's cold at nights here too. We have had a fire in the stove again this week after last weekend and the glorious heat. I wonder mind just a little more warmth!


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