Day 45 of the 100 day project

There was very little time for the garden today as I had a whole load of Spanish to do for my OU course and granddaughter visiting booked for this afternoon.  So I contented myself with a great deal of watering.  Watering isn't generally a problem here in North Wales but we have had a dry few days and there are lots of new things which have been planted and various things in pots waiting to go to my daughter in law's new garden.  The soil is so stony that it drains at great speed when the rain stops and until plants get their roots down they need a little help.

So first of all I watered all the new perennials which went in last week and over the weekend: the foxgloves, hollyhocks, violas, and catmint.  Then I watered pots of hardy geranium and clematis for Lindsay.  Finally I moved to the little wooden lean to greenhouse:

I can't take any credit at all for what is in here.  Ian has taken over responsibility for the growing of food.  He has sown tomatoes, cucumbers and courgettes in here and started off trays of spinach and purple sprouting broccoli.  Everything was looking very dry and sorry for itself so I watered and opened up the roof a little.  Amazingly the whole watering effort took around forty five minutes and I had not removed a single weed.  Watering and keeping an eye on seeds though is one of the best ways to spend time in the 100 day project.  Weeding can easily feel like outside housework.  Watering and nourishing feels like giving things due care.  I know which I would rather do!


  1. I agree. I find watering very satisfying also, although, crazy me, I do like pulling weeds.

  2. I've been out watering this week as well. I know what you mean - it's a strange thing to do in Wales at the start of the year!

  3. Watering is quite a nurturing thing to do isn't it? I like it. I must confess, more than weeding

  4. Can't think when I've been watering in May. And it seems like only five minutes ago I was thinking how wet winter and spring had been expected

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