Day 49 of the 100 day project

Just a short time in the garden this morning before heading off for the weekend.

This is a part of the garden I haven't shown you much although in many ways it is my favourite part (when other parts aren't).  We planted a bed of native trees parallel to the hedge at the bottom of the field.  Besides bird cherry, rowan, birch and whitebeam there are dogwoods, a daphne and a magnolia which doesn't really belong there but had to go somewhere.  It seems to blend in ok, just drawing attention to itself for the short glorious burst of flowering before fading back into the background.

The trees are underplanted with hellebores, hardy geraniums and pulmonaria.  In spring there are lots of snowdrops and primroses.  Theoretically this bed looks after itself but actually grass invades occasionally and of course the ubiquitous creeping buttercup.  But it is probably the best place in the garden for looking after itself.  I spent a bit of time this morning taking out couch grass.  And then I wandered about looking at what was growing.

If you wander up this side of the bed you end up under the whitebeam where you can peep through the hazel sides of the summer house.

And now it is time to be off!


  1. Have a good time and give my love to B. Xxx

    1. Thank you ! Will do. Looking forward to it. It is particularly interesting when it's a rare occurrence. Much more fun than going every year Xx


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