Blessings and the reverse

Five of the good things about today:
  1. Eleven month old grandson on the swing, giggling with delight.
  2. Roast beef and yorkshire pudding and all the trimmings for lunch, cooked by lovely daughter.
  3. Being told by exceptionally nice Swiss family that the holiday cottage is the best they have ever stayed in.
  4. Roast beef sandwiches for tea.
  5. Eleven month old grandson concentrating hard on eating carrots, picking them up with the utmost care, moving them carefully around his mouth, carefully expressing them onto the high chair tray, and then carefully picking up another.
I was going to combine this with some not so good things in the interests  of balance but I am having trouble coming up with five.  This is the best I can do:
  1. The hens have just about stopped laying and even good, free range shop bought eggs are not the same.
  2. Claudia Winkleman's dress and makeup on Strictly.  Seriously? Perhaps it is meant to be ironic and I am just missing the joke.
  3. No, sorry.  It was just a good day.  Hope yours was too.


  1. I noticed the roast beef on Twitter. It makes two appearances here. It must have been good!

    Yes. Pleasant day thanks - though not even this much to report!


  2. On balance, a good day I reckon! Lovely.

  3. Very pleasant. Am not attempting to achieve much therefore very relaxed for once. I usually find weekends very trying.

  4. Lovely polite term: "carefully expressing them onto the high chair tray".... That made me laugh.

  5. Wow-you have had a good day there! Made all the better by not being able to come up with 5 not so great things.

    And two lots of roast it your birthday?

  6. Sounds the perfect day Elizabeth though I would substitute the beef with lamb :) I thought for one minute that I was not wearing my glasses when I espied Claudia tonight but then I realised I was ~ it just too bright for my eyes to cope with. Maybe Claudia was not given a choice as Tess was wearing black which usually seems to be Claudia's preferred choice. Still any almost any other colour would been more complimentary. Happy that the magician has exited stage right though.

  7. Sounds like a lovely day. Mind has been good so far, too. The Great Dane and I headed up over the Malahat for brunch and then to a yarn store so that I could buy some more yarn for knitting Christmas gifts. It's just past three, so lots of day left in the day and I intend to enjoy it all!

  8. Sounds like the best sort of day when one must struggle to fine the bad points.

    Here? Plenty of sunshine, 4 eggs, Harry and Sam and a leisurely amount of weeding. don't think somehow those things are in the right order!

  9. Extra long ramble in the woods. Bag full of Parasol mushrooms. Roast chicken & apple crumble. Otherwise relaxation. At the moment it was all extremely welcome.

  10. I adore roast beef, sounds perfect. I once told my toddler son that he would go bald like his uncle if he didn't eat his carrots, after a week of him pulling the most excruciating faces I had to come clean, he stopped eating carrots immediately and still hates them.

  11. sounds a divine day full of all things we hope for of family life!

  12. Agree with Mountainear - a good day indeed!

  13. It sounds like a lovely day and I'm glad there weren't many reverse blessings (although not having your own eggs is annoying). Your grandson sounds gorgeous.

  14. Two long walks with the dog and nothing bad happened.

  15. So much here to be grateful for;
    Lots of blessings to count.
    I'm riding the horse with the silver shoes
    And it's the happiest, sunniest mount.

  16. It's always good when the best things outweigh the bad. Long may it continue to be so.

    Do agree about Claudia Winkleman#s dress - wasn't it awful - and just when I admired Tess's dress too.

    Schizo styllus is beginning to die back. I will send you an e mail on the day I post them to you.

  17. It is lovely when the good outweighs the bad. I agree about Claudia's make up though.

  18. Oh, you're good - I thought today that I would think of things to be grateful for - after I saw a license plate that read Kepthfath
    but I ended up just being tired and forgetting!

  19. Elizabeth - I have just spent an hour searching through my notebooks for your address to send the plants - and I am ashamed to say I can't find it. Could you please let me have it again asap and I will post off the schyzostyllus. Sorry about that.

  20. Lovely day on Sunday thanks. A friend has been up to stay and we went out for a lovely walk in perfect Autumn weather! Glad your day was so good :)

  21. My day was spent sorting out books and would have been much pleasanter with a grandchild, which I regret to say I do not have. However, roast beef would not have brightened the day since I'm vegetarian.

    Glad yours was happy, though. Who's Claudia Whatever?

  22. Have a great image of grandson and carrots - thanks for the smile.

    Now, as you mentioned it (no 2 in your second list) I'll ask another question: Claudia - just what is the point, period? Perhaps I am of the wrong generation, cannot understand what/why/how - find her exceptionally irritating and fatuous. Guess I missed something along the way ...


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