some things that make me smile

Things that make me smile:
Chickens, the one left behind suddenly realising and running after the others like a cartoon chicken, suddenly panic stricken, legs akimbo, all flap and silliness. Cockerels shouting at each other, calling and fussing, gathering their girls to them for a particularly tasty morsel. Hens in a dust bath, settling, fluffing their wings, scratching and dousing themselves in dust as if it were water.

My grandson, serious, silly, three years old, all blond hair and blue eyes. We are driving. A voice comes from the back.
"Yes, love."
"I'm beautiful."
"Are you, love? That's nice." What is going on here, a very young narcissist?
"Yes, and my mummy is very beautiful."
"Well you're a very lucky boy."

My father in law, telling me yet again, both amused and indignant, at his horror on discovering that the chocolate chip ice cream he had bought was green. "Green! I thought it was off!" He ate it though, not easily put off, my father in law. He will however never accept that calling something mint and chocolate chip ice cream is any excuse for making it green. He is probably right, presumably the green is some hideous chemical cocktail, but it is his indignation that tickles me. It is a real affront.

My father, telling me in all seriousness that his dippy dog is perfectly behaved. He was a firm disciplinarian with the pets of our childhood but now in his seventies he is prepared to forgive this one anything.

Sinking my nose into a great jug of sweet peas. These are from some Sarah Raven seeds sent to me by a blogging friend who I have not yet met but hope to soon. The flowers are dark, deep purples, dark blues, velvety burgundies, not the largest of blooms but strongly and sweetly scented. They sit on the deep windowsill of the sitting room wafting their scent as I pass.

The sound of the cork coming out of a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.

The sound of my husband's car on the gravel, coming home.


  1. This are lovely moments that make you smile and thanks for sharing them - the one that amused me, was your father and his dog, such a familiar scenario.

  2. Oh yes, a smile due to all of those.

    Can I add a cow licking her calf most seriously? And next doors 8 year old playing with his bow and arrow as if a boy has never had such a wonderful dad-made thing before?

  3. AG - glad it is not just me! sometimes when I think how severely he kept our childhood dog in its place I am a bit stunned when old age dog jumps up on the sofa!
    M - love the bow and arrow! I remember my brother working on a home made dinghy with my dad at about that age with an application that would shame us all.

  4. Such wonderful pictures, they make me smile, too. I can remember the sweet pea scent, I haven't seen one that smelled so good since I was a child, a long time ago. Thank you.

  5. What beautiful word pictures - wonderful moments.
    May I add, the sound of my grandson's voice over Skype as he sees me appear and shrieks "Na-NAAAAA!"

  6. A great post - we're enjoying the Sweet Peas at the moment as well. And the sound of Jo's car on the gravel is always welcome.

  7. Ah! Sweet Peas - gorgeous! Haven't had any since an old man who used to live next door gave us huge bunches of them!

    And chickens! They always make me smile!

    Lovely, smiley blog - thank you!

  8. Those sweet peas sound gorgeous and I loved your grandson's comments ... I hope he made similar observations about his grandma! My daughter, Lily's, laugh always tickles me, her younger sister takes a more serious approach to life.

  9. Dimple - I bet the smell would transport you right back to childhood!
    Pondside - love the shriek of recognition.
    SS - it is so easy to take for granted, isn't it, your partner coming home, yet probably the most important thing.
    Gilly - glad to know that I am not the only one who finds chickens funny!
    Chris - Grandson has not commented on my beauty, strangely, but did say "I like your face Grandma". That will have to do!

  10. Amen to all those! It is always a good idea to list things which make us smile - in fact, thinking about it, making the list also makes us smile so it is a double bonus.

  11. Ah - what a lovely, gentle post! I smiled, too, at your reminiscences. Lovely for its lack of hard edges. Have you noticed how everything you read in a magazine or newspaper these days has edges of reinforced concrete?
    When every article has 'bite' one longs to read one that doesn't - just to restore your faith in human nature and renew your distrust of periodicals.

  12. Lovely post - agree with them all, particularly about the indulgence of fathers to their canine charges.

  13. and those things make me smile now, too! especially the last one.

    that kind of ice cream is known here as "peppermint bon-bon." and yes, it is a very vivid green. but i love it.

  14. Heavenly moments there - I know so well especially about the sound of the car on the drive heralding the return of my man....

  15. awww! sweet about husband's car on the drive. i must emulate that positive attitude rather than thinking, 'about bloody time, now you can help with the kids' (!)

    i love sound of a cork coming out of a bottle of red and that 'clug clug clug' just as you tilt it and before it comes out of the bottle.

    I want that played at my funeral.


  16. Weaver - I like your double bonus idea.
    Fennie - sometimes giving everything "edge" becomes a sort of affectation, doesn't it? It is possible just to be calm from time to time!
    Edward - hah, thought it was just my father! Obviously not.
    Glad you share my love of the noise of the car on the gravel tattie and laurie.
    PITK - this is one of the pleasures of grown up children. When they were young my response was much more like yours!

  17. Aaahhhh, the smell of sweet peas!! I like this idea too, of things that make us smile. Oh smell the sweet peas for me, will you please. :)

  18. wonder who that blogging friend was ;-)

    They make me smile too, if it was Cupani, I think they have the distinction of being the most fragrant in the world.

  19. They are the most wonderful scent seashell!
    I am hoping they will still be flowering when you come Zoe. I am picking them like mad (no hardship) to keep them going! Thanks, they are wonderful.

  20. A beautiful post, which made me smile, too.


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