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I have been neglecting my blog again.  I suspect that the Open University Spanish course I am doing is partly responsible.  The time it takes, and at the moment the constant sense of being way behind following  our New Zealand trip, eats into the time when I might otherwise be writing and not doing my Spanish makes me feel far guiltier than not writing my blog.  Spanish also throws deadlines for assignments at me which the blog doesn't so it is slowly but surely squeezing the blog out.  I had lunch this week with a friend who also writes and she inspired me to get back to writing, as she always does (thanks Annie!).  I thought I would look back at when I began to write this blog so this morning I sat down and dug around in the archives and to my amazement I discovered that I wrote my first blog ten years ago yesterday!  And then of course I got lost in reading old posts and remembering things I had long forgotten.  It enthused me all over again so I thought I would share wi