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The year of being sixty two : travelling

Travelling There is a real tension for me between the desire to be rooted and the wish to travel.   As I get older this tension intensifies.   After a lifetime enjoying wandering about, loving moving house, feeling that home is where my people are and that place does not really matter, I find   myself living in a place which I love.   I would be happy to move house again but I don’t want to go very far.   I like the sense of becoming part of a community.   I love my choir, my yoga class, my Welsh lessons.   I like the fact that I know people.   I feel at home here.   There is a Welsh expression “a man of his own square mile” and it is one I have always loved.   But my own square mile, love it though I do,   has never been enough for me. I have always loved travel, change, new experiences.   And getting older makes me intensely aware that if there are places I want to go to, things I want to see and do, parts of the world which really interest me, I need to get on and go, see