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The clocks went back today. Yesterday was a vivid blue day but today has been dank and grey. All day thick cloud sat on the top of Penycloddiau. I was working in the shepherd's hut, snug and warm at my little desk by the window. I look out towards the hedge which has just been cut. A rowan tree and a horse chestnut rise out of the hedge and a new little oak tree, grown from an acorn by the stonemason who worked on our utility, is growing at its base. I watched a tiny wren hop in and out of the newly shorn hedge, disappearing into its depths. It is an old hedge, even when just cut it is still about six foot thick. Later I made bread, scones and turned the last of the pears into an intensely sweet and fragrant pear crumble. The kitchen smelt like a hug from your mother. Tonight it was dark when we sat down to eat. I am not a winter person but even I have to admit that it is cosy in here tonight by the woodburner with the cat sprawled ecstatically in front of it on the rug.

Coming back to the blog (and the garden)

A busy time with my parents staying and work to do.  I look up and find I haven't blogged for nearly a fortnight and I have missed the September End of Month view which I have been trying to keep going, now in its second year and massively useful when it comes to winter thinking about the garden.  I have had a bit of a lull with the garden but find myself being gently tugged back again.  I have ordered bulbs and some bare rooted plants to define the corner where the shepherd's hut goes and I find myself mulling things over again.  It looks as if the spell is not broken. So here is a mix of musing and pictures for October. The sun comes up on a chill October morning.  I shall cut back the wild rose which is growing on top of the wall outside the kitchen door but not just yet, not while the rosehips are shining. The side garden has gone over now.  I know it is possible to have a garden which still sings in October (see Karen !) but although mine now has a small reviva