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Thinking about travelling again

Months and months ago we booked a ferry from Plymouth to Roscoff.  Our son and his family were going to be in France and we decided we would take the campervan and go and visit them.  It all seemed very up in the air and like something that could not possibly happen.  At the time it was not possible either to go specifically to France or to travel at all in and out of the UK.  The rules kept changing, switching about and moving like shifting sands under your feet.  In the end I decided that I wouldn't keep checking and trying to keep up with whether or not it would be possible to go.  We would just park the whole idea.  We would wait until we were much nearer the time and then, with only a couple of weeks to go, we would be able to see if it would happen.  It was just a dream. So here we are and it looks as if we can go.  France is letting in people from the UK who are double vaccinated.  The UK is at last allowing people returning or coming in from France not to quarantine if they

Exercise and getting older

I was never a sporty kid. I looked as if I should have been sporty but I wasn't.   I didn't like games and had no ball skills to speak of.  I hated hockey and the clattering clash of sticks that made your teeth shake.  I was never last to be chosen for netball because there was the heavy fat girl and the girl who could hardly see.  I could run and I could see so I was generally the third last to be chosen.  My problem was that I really was not interested so could be relied upon to be looking the other way when the ball was passed to me or not to be in the right place when I should have been helping someone to take a shot at goal.  I spent my tennis lessons sunbathing and reading by the court.  I could swim but not really well.  I could run but not very quickly.  As a teenager I read and dreamed and lived in my head. So it is something of a surprise to find that now I am in my sixties I do really quite a lot of exercise.  For the last two or more years, since doing the Couch to