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2020 - that sounds as if it should be an auspicious year!

2019 finished with a lovely Christmas down in Devon with younger son and his family where, for only the second time in over forty years, I did not cook Christmas dinner!  I don't mind cooking Christmas dinner at all but it did feel rather luxurious to be cooked for.  We were sleeping in the campervan despite the cold as older daughter and family were also staying.  That sounds a bit daunting in the middle of winter.  Actually the first ten minutes when you come out of the warmth of the house, go into the cold van and get undressed are the cold bits.  Then with two of you under the duvet you warm up surprisingly quickly.  And in a house of early risers you have the morning bonus of waking up at seven or later, rather than at around six, or, on Christmas morning, four thirty.  We understand the girls were sent back to bed but even so Christmas Day in the house began at around half past five! Here is Ian on story reading duty.  Both the snuggling down to listen of older granddaug