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The question of hair colour...

 I have only just managed to slip in November's selection from the Year of B eing Sixty Two before the end of the month.  Am I th e only person who thinks a lot about her hair? Hair colour defines us. Describe someone and it is one of the first things you will find yourself saying: the blonde woman, the dark haired man, the redhead.   Once you become grey haired you shift.    All the other hair colours say something about you, however stereotyped it may be.   Redheads are feisty and quick tempered.   Blondes are sexy and just possibly a bit dim.   Brunettes are sleek and glossy.   Grey haired people are just old.   So what do we do about the vexed question of hair? Perhaps how you think about this is affected by whether you have been colouring your hair when you   were younger.   I have had a lifetime of colouring mine.   I lived in New Zealand when I was a teenager where the sun ensured that my light brown hair was always gently sun streaked.   By the end of a short

A walking meditation

Over the summer for six weeks I had one or the other of our children's dogs while our children and their families went on holiday.  Different dogs, different temperaments but one constant: every day for around an hour I went walking with them.  I walked when it was wet, when it was windy, when it was cold.  I walked when it was so misty the view had entirely disappeared.  I walked when I was tired and when I didn't feel like it.  I admit that by the end of the summer I was quite "dogged out", love them though I do, and I have settled back into my usual pattern of two or three walks a week.  But I should also admit that at the end of that six weeks I had lost three pounds and now, eight weeks later, I have put it back on again. So I am trying to walk every day again, not primarily for the weight control but for health and wellbeing.  Walking every day seems to be one of the best things we can do for our health.  It helps prevent the onset of diabetes, it