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A day in my life, ten years apart, January 2008 and 2018

One of the great things about blogging is that it gives me a window on my life.  I realised that I have been blogging over ten years so I went back and found this blog, a day in my life in January 2008.  So much that I recognise and so much which has changed!  Here is 2008 when I was still working: 22nd January 2008 My strangely split life is probably best represented by a Thursday, when, although I am not in London, I am working at home in the morning so here goes: I wake at about 7.30. If there is any sun at all the light will be flooding in through the window as we never close the curtains - there is nobody to overlook or to be overlooked by. The sun rises behind the hill at the far side of the valley and the sky this morning was palest blue, streaked with pink and gold. Perhaps because I am away from home a couple of times a week, I love waking here in my own bed on our quiet hillside. Ian will be on the verge of leaving for work or may have already gone, really e

Shaking off silence

An hour and a half when I was intending to be at yoga, given back to me because there is a lorry and trailer stuck on our hill blocking us all in.   And suddenly a revelation, write.  Just write, right now.  My God, how many procrastinations I have been finding: some great and glorious like our family's new babies, some worthy like my OU course and some self indulgent like knitting and reading.  And a great sense of being stuck blocking my own way out, of having both too much and nothing at all to say.  My lovely and extremely talented niece is an artist and she was musing on her website the other day about things which help the process of making art and one which spoke strongly to me was about just doing it.  So here I am.  Right now. What is on my mind?  Fitness and health.  I have had a fairly rubbish winter, not with anything serious and even writing it makes me feel faintly guilty knowing that others have real struggles with major health problems.  No, mine has simply been