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Coronavirus diary in November 2020

It is a couple of weeks since my last entry, a couple of weeks with various things happening, some to do with the virus and some not.  The first was a strange period of visual disturbance.  This has disappeared as mysteriously as it came but has left me waiting for an appointment in our local hospital (delayed because of coronavirus) and not able to drive until I have been seen.  I am doing my best to go with the flow on this.  I do not seem able to do anything which will speed things up and fretting about it not only does not help but actively makes the waiting worse!  Ian is cheerily doing all the driving so it is just a matter living the intervening days rather than waiting in them.  I am not too bad at that: a walk in the sun, a poached egg, a call with family or an evening with a good book, all of these things can easily be the focus of my days.  We had a brief but totally delightful visit from older daughter and nearly eleven year old grandson after the lockdown eased.  In Wales

Coronavirus diary - coming to the end of the lockdown in Wales

Tomorrow we come to the end of the "firebreak" lockdown in Wales, two weeks and two days of further restrictions.  It has not felt like the first lockdown at all and it is interesting to wonder why.  In March it felt as if life had truly gone inside.  The roads were empty.  The skies were blue and silent.  We went nowhere.  But the sun shone and spring came tumbling over itself in its rush to blossom and growth.  We worked in the garden and took advantage of the fact that, living up here, we always have a full freezer and a well stocked pantry.  When Ian went food shopping, as rarely as we could, I waited with bated breath for him to come home.  We saw no one. This time has been only a shadow of that.  There was still traffic on the roads.  We continued to do some childcare for our locally living daughter.  Yoga and Pilates classes which had only recently restarted were suspended again but Zoom meetings for Welsh and Spanish continued.  Again we have stayed home and exercised