End of month view and a thank you

First a thank you for the good wishes and comments over the last few days.  I really do appreciate them very much.

Amazingly, here we are at the end of the month again.  I have been taking part in the end of month view hosted by Helen at patient gardener for most of this year and have really liked the insight it has given me into how things change, and what doesn't change much!  This is the first time I have taken winter pictures from the usual places so here goes:

Here is the side garden covered in snow.  And yes, I did fail to get the dahlias up before the snow came!

Here is the cottage garden, deep in snow.

The hedge in the cottage garden.

Looking up through the new orchard toward the cutting garden.

Here is the sunny bank!

And here is the kitchen garden.  The hens are not at all impressed and are refusing to come out of the henhouse which is beyond the greenhouse, in the shelter of the yew hedge.

So there you are.  The radio is telling me that winter doesn't start until the 21st of December but it certainly looks like winter here.

How is it where you are?


  1. Oh my, those are lovely atmospheric views - but I do sympathize with the unimpressed hens. Winter comes soon enough!

  2. Hi and wow! lots of snow.

    As we live in the driest part of the country we get the least snow too. Barely an inch in total and none at all in the shelter of trees and hedges.

    But so very cold!!!!! Too cold to snow they say. My ancestral fen-skater genes are awakening - in weather like this fen-tigers get an urge to put on the blades and stride out over the frozen flooded fields! I haven't done it for years mind you, but if this freeze goes on much longer temptation my win out!

    Feeling for you over the past few weeks, we're having our own 'elderly infirm' crisis - a tough one and 'the system' doesn't make it easy.

    Take care and best wishes

  3. Winter Wonderland over your way! Out here the rains have come and the snow is being washed away. The snow is pretty, but life is a lot easier in the rain!

  4. Celia (Magic Cochin) talks of fen-skating. I spent four years at school in the East Anglian fenlands (under the gargoyles of Ely). Boy was it cold! Indoors and out! Daytime and night! Brrrrr.

  5. This is the first time I've visited your garden, and even though I can only really see snow it looks lovely, I'll be back. I don't blame the hens - I'd stay inside with that much snow. Christina

  6. Very cold over here too. Your photos are lovely. Take care and keep cosy.

  7. Hi Elizabeth - thanks for joining in again this month. Made me shiver looking at your photos, we are predicted heavy snow tonight so I might be posting similar photos. Isnt it silly saying a season starts on a certain date completely misses the point of nature and how the seasons work

    Keep warm

  8. Another set of lovely pictures. But I'm wondering whether I might persuade you not to perpetuate the nonsense that winter begins the day of the winter solstice - or that summer begins on midsummer's day, 21st June, which is equally irrational. There aren't dates for the beginning of the seasons because the seasons change and blend. If you have to have dates then 1 March, 1 June, 1 September and 1 December are as good as any. But not the 21st, please!

  9. Lovely pictures. We don't have much snow here, just an inch or so today. But I ventured further into Suffolk today and there was more, but still not anything like you have. Like Celia says, it is bitterly cold though.


  10. Here in the Netherlands we have a couple of centimeters of snow that has turned icy and it is very treacherous to walk on. It is very cold outside and no one in their right mind voluntarily goes out. I had to to walk the dog. Darn dog! Your gardens look lovely under all that snow.

  11. Here it is cold (very) but probably not such low temperatures as with you, or elsewhere (only about minus 9 C at night. But no boiler, and the electric blanket packed up last night with overuse. Lovely garden pics. Trouble is, when I take some of mine, they look just like those taken last winter, though we've now cut up the fallen apple tree and burned it. Take care of yourself, these elderly problems are always so traumatic and break the tempo of one's life.

  12. Winter here.

    Snow suits the sunny bank.


  13. I'm not even going to bother photographing my garden. There's no snow here but in winter, everything goes brown and snaps off, so my garden is bereft of plants and looks like a post-nuclear landscape. Very depressing.

  14. I love your header photo, here we are having a wonderful mid and damp spring, the first in so many years I am revelling in it.
    So is the garden but the heat will come and then the plants that are so soft wont be happy at all.
    I love the photos of snow but know that living with it isnt very comfortable.

  15. Very cold here and a pitiful amount of snow, nowhere near as much as you've had. Good weather for doing nothing!

  16. It is all so beautiful even in the bleak months of winter. The Maine coast hasn't seen snow yet, the snowplow man has marked off the driveway. We ate in the 20 degree mark here in the early mornings.
    Keep warm,,best wishes

  17. Oh elizabeth it looks beautiful. Being a native of the Land of Snow and Ice myself, I do appreciate winter. The sky looks like our sky - big and wild.
    we have lots of snow, which isn't totally typical. Being just beyond the lee of the mountains means the city often escapes the big dumps of snow, but this year we have lots. it's pretty, at least, until the weather warms up and then it's all slushy and brown.
    The cat hasn't been out for weeks, but the sled dog is in his element.

  18. Hi Elizabeth. How the snow transforms it all! It does reveal how great the bones of your garden are though, it still looks beautiful. I managed to rescue my Dahlias but not the Gladioli.

  19. Cyndy - hens still refusing to come out. I think they have the right idea!
    Celia - Sorry to hear you are having your own crisis and much sympathy and fellow feeling from Wales!
    Pondside - you are so right. It looks fantastic and I haven't lost patience with it yet but rain is easier.
    Cro - I have many memories of the amazing bonechilling cold in Cambridge. Never gets quite that Eastern cold over here!

  20. Christina - thanks for visiting and commenting. I had a quick look at your blog and your sunshine seems a long way away from here!
    Twiglet - I think it might be even colder for you than it is up here. Let's all stay in and keep warm.
    Helen - I wonder if you got your snow?
    Fennie - I should make it clear I don't subscribe to the "winter starts on 21st December" theory. I was simply reporting the declaration on Radio 4!

  21. Cold - that is how it is here. And with two very fat wood pigeons scoffing the bird food.

    Thanks for kind comments on my blog

  22. very white indeed. We are already stuck and can't get the car out.

    I don't care about how beautiful it looks, I have things I need to get done.

    Gardening now?

  23. Yes, winter wonderland here too! 'Sunny bank!' made me laugh! And I love the quality of the light in your kitchen garden picture. Hens are not daft!!

  24. Gosh but we've all had a lot of snow! We're under a foot of the white stuff here, the dogs and hens just disappear into it! The poor hens aren't happy at all. Meanwhile I just love it, don't have to go anywhere or rush around. Can just potter and walk/wade in the snow. Marvellous.

  25. Playing catch-up onyour blog and love those snowy pictures. Didn't realise you were reslating the roof...glad it was weather-tight before the snow came in.
    Damn it - dahlias. ANOTHER year I've forgotten. Sod, sod, sod.

  26. The light varies so much in these photographs! Everything from bright winter blue skies to glowering gray. I've said a bit about our snow situation in your previous post, but I will just add that my chickens aren't impressed, either! (And neither is my cat, who is permanently parked by whatever radiator is on at the moment.) I keep having to run out with the kettle and melt down the chickens' drinking water.

  27. Thanks for the information..I really like your post..The snow pics are awesome..Its one of my favorite season and the best moment is enjoying the snow from window with a cup of coffee..

  28. Great snow pics!

    It's just way cold here in NY, no "S WORD" just yet.

    I'm trying to work up my nerve to start pulling holiday decorations out of the bitterly cold attic.

    Maybe after just one more cup of coffee.....

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  30. This is the first time ever where I can actually say that I have been snowed in! We have got more snow than you but, the views in my little bit of Yorkshire are not quite of the same standard as yours.

  31. Late to your end of month post I'm afraid. Love that header picture too. It will be a good aide memoire of an unusual few days in months to come.

    My hens are still a bit disgruntled though as the temperature has 'soared' a couple of degrees they have come out for a while.

  32. No snow yet (but very cold) here in Brooklyn - I'm a little jealous! But I know that I'll be laughing at that in a month or two...

  33. What a good idea taking pics all year round and comparing. They are lovely photos, especially the header.
    We are lucky to live amongst such beauty. Stay warm!

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