A blog of two halves

You might think the kitchen would get worse before it got better.  You would be right.

Even more things move into the front kitchen

so that in the back kitchen the ceiling can be taken down.

And this is where it is taken down to: the floor.  The electrician is coming on Monday and then we shall have to bite the bullet and take the sink out.   There is plastering to be done and a new slate floor to be laid and then we shall perhaps begin to think about new units.  Repeat after me: It will be fine.  Let's just slip outside and pick some sweetpeas.

When not picking pieces of my house out of my hair I have been musing on the visit to Rosemoor.   Rosemoor is one of the Royal Horticultural Society's gardens, this one sited in Devon in the bottom of a sheltered valley.

The warm and gently clouded morning in which we had wandered around Carol Klein's garden had given way to a bright, hot and sunny afternoon.

Oh I don't believe this.  Blogger has lost my entire blog about Rosemoor.

Might just have to go to bed in disgust.


  1. Oh, how very frustrating to lose your entire post about that garden. I hope you will try to write about it at another time. Maybe when you don't have the mess of the kitchen to deal with as well. It does look like a mess, doesn't it? Chin up, it will all look lovely when it is done.


  2. It WILL be fine!! It just takes time! Look forward to posts of 'work in progress'.....

  3. Oh, I HATE when that happens! Lots of sympathy from this end....still enjoying your photos, though, and will look forward to seeing the garden. Have you ever found anything interesting during your pre-remodel demolition? We found some very curious bits and pieces during the 10 years we worked on remodeling our 1908 Foursquare in Kentucky. The best was a wedding ring that had initials and a date of 1941 inscribed in it. (The house was divided into apartments during the depression and war years - I always imagined some poor, devastated little war bride frantically searching through the house for it...) I even put a notice in the paper in our little farm town...no response. I still have that ring.

  4. I hope your Rosemoor post re-appears as rapidly as it vanished.

    I'm having trouble with backgrounds - I tried a new one for my Garden Notes Blog, decided it wasn't quite right . . . but it's got stuck. Nothing else will upload ('due to internal errors' it says).

    With all this work going on in your house you'll need a few more halves than two.


  5. Just keep telling yourself that one day it will all be done and you will be basking in a new kitchen.
    As for your blog disappearing - tell yourself that that gives you another blog for another day.

  6. My bathroom ended up looking like your back kitchen - it wasn't supposed to, it was just that all the plaster fell off the wall when they removed the tiles! I could see daylight through the missing pointing! But I got through it and yours WILL indeed get better soon. Look forward to rading the next stage!

  7. Ah Rosemoor! I'm off to that part of the world next week and I wonder if I can squeeze in a visit. Shame on Blogger for losing your post.

    Having had my entire house once look like your kitchen I can assure you that it will be worth it in the end but the process is painful.

    Like MsCaroline I wonder if you'll find anything. Our builders found an old wooden clog in the chimney breast.

  8. These "before" pictures will all become funny, happy memories for you once the "after" pictures have been taken. You will make it through this, and your enjoyment of the new kitchen will be exponentially greater than your current despair. We're with you all the way! 8-)

  9. You were at Rosemoor?? And I didn't see you? :(

    I am losing time - just been reading your later post - it just runs runs runs away with me.

    But wow, your kitchen eh? Looks exciting...it will be wonderful, of that I have no doubt.

    Now loving the image of you in your hammock with Pimms.... :) xxxx

  10. I had a blog once and the entire thing was eaten. Taken down due to my inactivity. Unrestorable. I feel your pain!!

  11. I hope you went to bed and got up again and found the post after all!
    Once I lost 18000 words of a
    story.... and felt sick for days.
    Very exciting having your new kitchen.Horrid at the mo but soon you'll be swanning about in it like Nigella( or Delia?? or Heston?? or even Jamie?!)


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