Resolution time again

I have been blogging nearly five years!  Astonishing.  One of the results of this is that,  as with any form of diary keeping, I have a record so I have been reading back through the resolutions I have made (or not made) in January 2008 and January 2010.  I don't seem to have made any at all in 2009 and certainly every now and then I just decide not to.   I did make some last year.  Here they are with some thoughts about how they went.  That might just be the decider as to whether to make 2012 a "resolving" or a "not resolving" year!

  1. I will make more time with friends and, if going away from home is a bit tricky just now, more invitations for people to come here.   Mmm patchy results with this one.  I have managed to get away and to spend some time with friends.  For the very first time, a year has gone by in which I haven't seen one of my oldest friends although I am about to do something about that.  I think I could resolve this one all over again!
  2. I will do something every day that is just for me: a bath, a glass of good wine, half an hour upstairs on the bed with a book. Tick!
  3. I will do something every day that is just for Ian.  This is harder than it sounds.  He is a great one for sorting everything out for himself and looking after other people all the time.  Yes, well I said this was one would be hard and it is.  Even when you try to do things for him he tends not to want you to.   Maybe every day was a bit ambitious, perhaps once a month might just work!
  4. I will take the time every day to listen to my FIL, just to sit and chat for half an hour without trying to fill the time with jobs and chores.  I am getting my ear in now, beginning to understand both the strong regional accent and his own idiolect which means that he can expect you to fill in missing words and translate phrases.  Soon I may even always understand the meaning of "the old one, two", a phrase which slides around with, as far as I can tell, an entirely variable meaning, often tripping me up and leaving me grasping at empty air.  I will slow down and, for some time every day, let him set the pace.  Patchy again, sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.  Oddly I suspect that if I did a bit more of number one, I could manage a bit more of this one!   And this year is ending with the need to spend more time with my own mother and father as my father's health worsens and they live three hundred miles away.  Tricky.
  5. I will buy and wear some clothes in gorgeous colours.  I fancy a singing blue and green like the peacock feathers in the vase behind me.  Did some of this but not nearly enough!
  6. I will go to yoga every week and become a truly bendy person.  Went quite a bit, didn't stiffen up entirely, true bendiness remains an aspiration.
  7. I think I might join a choir.  I think we might say that this one is not going to happen, not enough time, not high enough up the list.
  8. I think I might get a dog, maybe not right this minute though.  Ah now this is a biggy and still hanging around a year on.  I need to decide once and for all how much I want one.  Ian is not keen.  I pine.  I'm not a piner and don't like myself for doing it.  I need to make my mind up one way or the other.
  9. I will plant yet more flowers for butterflies and bees in the field around the fruit trees.  Tick! Tick! Tick!  Yes I did this one and can do even more.  Yay!
  10. I will ensure that I see all the blogging friends I have been lucky enough to meet so far and also add some new ones to the "met in real life" tag.  And I did this one too, both keeping up with the ones I had met and meeting VP and Patientgardener here and Beangenie at Karen's.  Tick! Tick!
  11. I will paint my toenails, even though it is winter.  Mmmm, they were painted but they aren't now...
Well that wasn't too bad.  It is clearly not an entire waste of time to make New Year Resolutions now that I have stopped resolving to get fitter and to lose weight and to master successional sowing.  

2011 has not been an easy year in many ways so I think the big resolution for 2012 will be to
HAVE MORE FUN, by myself with books and gardening and some pampering (I feel a pedicure coming on), with Ian by walking and taking time out together, even having the odd holiday maybe, with my friends by arranging to meet up with both old and new (I feel a weekend with my oldest friend and a trip to London are both on the cards), with my family by ensuring that we all get together whenever we can both up and down and across the generations.

I am a classic Virgo type, big on duty and hard work.
This year I resolve to find as many occasions as possible for HAVING A BALL!!


  1. I dont do resolutions as I'm not very good at them. However, I need to manage my finances better as I have booked a holiday for us all. In order to do this I will be more selective about the events I go to and wont be charging around so much. I want to read and garden more and beocme a better gardener.

    I enjoyed talking to your FIL but I can imagine it gets wearing on a day to day basis.

    You have dealt with an awful lot this year so maybe in 2012 you could just enjoy some of the returning freedom you crave

    As for the dog - I dont think Henry would be very pleased! You should dog sit for your daughter more when you are pining!

  2. That was fun, Elizabeth. I hope you find room for a little more fun. It sounds so light-hearted and easy, but really, one has to make time, room on the calendar, a slot - whatever you call it, to schedule that sort of thing in. I'm a Taurus and we're big on duty too - can always find a reason to work, but not so many reasons to play.
    Get out there and play in 2012!

  3. Hmmm. Not sure about the dog whilst Henry is still with you. Dog sitting as Helen advises sounds like a good solution for now.
    I don't make big resolutions at the end of each year. I tend to make small ones throughout the year. Much easier to keep!!
    Have a good 2012 with lots of laughter, bright colours and meeting of friends, old and new.

  4. The trouble with NY Resolutions (yours and mine included), I think, is that really they are festively-dressed but essentially dull everyday Shoulds and Oughts lifted straight off our Guilt List, usually with a built-in fail setting otherwise known as real life, and as unlikely to be followed at New Year as they would be in summer. I have more or less stopped making them, although for a brief moment I considered trying to be less bad-tempered. On reflection, this really meant being less underslept, and therefore I need to go to bed earlier - simples! And I'm certainly not making a Resolution to go to bed earlier - how sad would that be?

  5. More peacock clothes! On that day trip to London??

  6. PG - ah the returning freedom strikes a chord! we will see.
    Pondside - you are, as always, spot on. We can always find a reason to work but not so many to play. Let us see how we go!
    Dobby - thank you and you too! This year I will get to see your garden, that is an easy resolution to keep!

  7. Rachel - I do know what you mean which I why I resolve to have more fun! Try getting that onto a guilt list. I suspect your tiredness will gently wash away as you stop recovering from all your upheaval!
    Elephant's Eye - maybe on a trip to London or maybe I will just go to a lovely little shop in Ruthin not far away and see what they can do!

  8. I don't make resolutions I must admit but if I did I think I would definitely go for Having a Ball! And I would definitely go for having a dog, my Bilbo Baggins gives me both companionship and exercise and both are very important parts of my life.I'm 65 now and the years are slipping by so I intend to enjoy life rather than looking back and saying 'I wish I had....' Gather ye rosebuds while ye may Elizabeth:)

  9. Oh, I do like Rachel's comment! Rather than setting yourself up with Shoulds and Oughts, maybe, if you want to do something, just do it. Heh! Were it so easy...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm delighted to have discovered yours.

  10. 2012 is goig to be awesome I feel it zinging in the air so having a ball will be the best thing tyo do! Happy New Year!

  11. Yes, us Virgoans (or whatever we are) do like to take the tasks on! I keep resolving to have more fun, then I invite people over and make even more work for myself!

  12. I find resolutions fascinating, and it is a special pleasure to read not only the intended but also the accomplished. I had lunch with an old and dear friend just before Xmas; her year has been awful and mine has not been much better. We BOTH resolved to have more fun! My blog (the very name and idea of it) is about getting the juice out of life. I hardly blogged at all this year, not did I live life (much) in that spirit. Resolve to address these failings!

    (Two failing parents here, as well, so perhaps we might commiserate about that a bit as well?)

  13. Great stuff.

    It IS a pain trying to do things for men - they get affronted if you offer. But I notice they cheerfully accept and take for granted if you don't let them know it's happening.


  14. I remember some of your resolutions from last year - especially the FIL one because it was so kind. It's quite fun to see which ones were do-able - or not - and I like the idea of revisiting them. If ever I was one of the blog friends you met up with, I'd be very happy about that. The idea of a blogfest in the So. of Fr. is swirling around in my head but I'm not sure I'd be up to the organization of it. You would definitely be on the guest list!
    Happy New Year to you, dear Elizabeth. May you find lots of ways to have fun.

  15. Lovely, I do resolutions - have even written some of them down - but don't think I'm so brave as to want to publish them! Still less do an audit twelve months down the line!

  16. ummm I thought I had left a comment .... You did well with your resolutions last year and everyone knows toenails have to be left unpainted for a while to keep them nice and healthy :)
    I will drink to you having a ball this year - that sound like a plan.

  17. Enjoyed reading your post. I like making resolutions, although this is the first year I haven't made any for along time. I agree making time to see friends and family is a good one and is one I could do this year. Friends and family are dotted all over the place and it can be difficult to find the time sometimes. Life tends to get in the way and sometimes the strategic planning to arrange visits is exhausting in itself with everyones' hectic and complicated lives to fit around.

    I wish you a very Happy New Year. Best wishes, Wellywoman

  18. Rowan - I love the exhortation to gather ye rosebuds. I am trying!
    Jocelyn - as you say, just do it ought to be enough, but oh no, it's just another ought!
    TW - an awesome 2012 zinging in the air sounds just perfect. I am ready for it!

  19. EPM - it a cast of mind thing I think. I love having people to dinner and havent done it for far too long. I need to get into the way of thinking that I have in the past that the pleasure far ouweighs the work!
    Bee - your response really resonates here too. We should both have a go at a bit more juice! Good luck with that for 2012.
    Anne - you are right. It is probably ignoble of me to want them to notice!

  20. I can't even remember my 2011 ones .... though there was something about buying and wearing a dress , that seems not to have happened ( Surprise !!!) .
    But your resolve to make more time for yourself seems very sensible . Essential in your case .... but energy-restoring for us all .

  21. Deborah - a blogfest in the south of france would be totally wonderful. Count me in if it ever happens. I suspect the secret might be to start very very small!
    Fennie - oh go on, do share! would love to know your resolutions.
    Karen - hope you can be part of my having a ball!

  22. How wonderful it is to be back in your world! I would like to wish you all the peace, joy, and EXITEMENT a new year can bring! I am looking forward to seeing what 2012 gives you... and what you give it!

    I love the clean slate feel of a new year but I try to play down the whole thing as I don't like making resolutions and not respecting them. Perhaps I could borrow yours? ;-) Seriously though, I am hoping to embark on a new book project whether it be a translation of a garden-related book already existing or, gasp, shudder, a book of my own.

    There! It's down in writing and you are the only one to know!


  23. Well done! I think you can be very proud of everything you did manage to hang on to in a patch year. I'm feeling very wary about 2012... just feeling my way in and keeping everything crossed! (Toenails are shiny red though!!)

  24. Wellywoman - I recognise that phrase about arranging things around hectic lives!
    S&S - did you buy a dress and not wear it or just not even buy it? I am trying to spend not every single day of my life in jeans.
    Stephanie - Well good luck with the book! that is a great resolution. You write it and I will buy it!
    Chris - think you and I have both had a bumpy year. Hope you have no need to be wary of 2012 and that it goes splendidly for you! Tattie reckons it will be a winner and that is good enough for me!

  25. Never thought of painting my toenails or getting a dog but the rest sound excellent. Happy New Year.

  26. I'd like a dog too - if it were practical, if I weren't scared of that it would fight with all the millions of other dogs which walk locally, if my husband liked dogs if . . .

    I wouldn't bother with toenails because they don't show in shoes and I trip in sandals.

    I thought I remembered you were going to dress up once a week - or maybe that was just buying colourful clothes and I muddled it.

    I don't make resolutions. Can't manage to keep up with the things I decide as I go along, let alone have any long term plans. Decisions, for me, mean instant failure - but I will cheer you on your way and keep you on my list of people I hope, one day, to meet.


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