Day 14 of the 100 day project

What a difference sunshine makes.  Today I worked for longer in the garden than I have for months and months.  The sun shone, the birds sang.  I dug up what felt like tons of creeping buttercup from the bed by the metal greenhouse.  I can't honestly say that the work I am doing in the kitchen garden is making me fall back in love with that part of the garden but I do think the repeated being outside and being in the garden is giving me a renewed sense  of connection.

We planted the clematis montana and the honeysuckle by the field shelter, from now on to be known as the Sedd Maes (the meadow seat in Welsh).  Thank you veg artist.    I sat there in the sunshine, enjoying the pattern of the hazel and the tiny new leaves budding on the dogwoods.  I am glad we have the "windows".  I like the sense of sitting right inside the garden.

I opened up the shepherd's hut and sat in there to drink my tea and read the paper.

And finally, feeling a bit tired and a bit achy, I came inside and had a bath before making our evening meal.  I am trying hard to ignore the sense of quite how much there is to do.  For me the whole point of the project is a daily discipline in the small things and it is easy when a day has produced more time in the garden to forget that.  So tomorrow just a small thing.  I have some persicaria which needs moving as it is muscling some crocosmia right out of the bed.  That will do for tomorrow.

And for tonight, some knitting, a glass of wine and a book.  That sounds good.


  1. Nice to see the shepherd's hut still in use.
    And a Welsh meadow seat is perfect for sense of place in every way - to take time to enjoy!

    1. I love the shepjerd's hut! Sometimes I am out there every day and sometimes I don't go in for weeks at a time in the winter. I am always delighted to reconnect!


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