Day 61 of the 100 day project

Yesterday was a day full of movement: dance class in the morning (and yay!  I have finally cracked hulahooping), a walk and some gardening in the afternoon and yoga class in the evening.  I don't want you to think this is my normal programme.  Usually if I aim to do even one of those things I feel I am doing ok and don't attempt to fit in anything else.  But yesterday for some reason I just like felt like moving and I am glad I did.

Today is a more sedentary day, even though I keep reminding myself that sitting is the new sugar.  I started the day with a visit to the dentist and the hygeinist.  I might as well be honest about this.  I don't mind the dentist because he generally doesn't find anything to do but I really don't like going to the hygeinist.  This is not the fault of the hygeinists themselves who are all lovely.  I am a wimp.  I don't like the scraping and the pushing my mouth about and the sense that there are more things in my mouth than there is possibly room for.  Still I have done  it now.  That is me sorted for another few months.

Then I had lunch with two friends, one of whom is my yoga teacher and possibly bored them rigid with talk of my new enthusiasm: a book about reclaiming your health by Dr Rangan Chatterjee called the The Four Pillars.  This looks at food and exercise and sleep and relaxation as ways to improve health through life choices rather than through medication.  I think it is a really good book, practical, sensible, warm and unpatronising.  I might blog about it when I have tried to follow the suggestions for a bit longer.

And then out into the garden just for fifteen minutes or so to plant out the first of my cosmos into a square of the cutting garden.  I have twenty and have planted out seven so there are still many more to go but this is my bit of the 100 day project today.  Yesterday I pulled some bindweed from the sunny bank and day before I planted out the spinach.

This may be a gardening weekend for both of us as Ian has a lot of plants bursting out of their pots in the greenhouse.  I would also like to walk and to have a meal out so we will see how we get on!

I love these long days and light evenings.  Perfect.


  1. If you have as much bindweed as we suddenly have let me know if pulling it helps!?? And yes! (she says, as it pours with rain yet again) it IS summer!!!!!

    1. Well you will know that the conventional wisdom is that you have to dig out every scrap of bindweed root. I am sure this is true but if you have bindweed in a bed with anything else that you want, all twined up with the good stuff, this is not an easy task. I find that if I do a lot of pulling it up, especially in the spring before the other stuff has really got going, it weakens it enough to stop it taking over. Doesn't get it rid of it though!

    2. I've just about managed ours like that too. It was in certain places and always there.. but this year it has suddenly sprung up all over the place. Bit scary. Some things have liked last winter a great deal too much.

  2. In Re: The dental hygienist. I'm like you. Scraping at my teeth makes me cringe and wince just like fingernails down a chalk board does. I downloaded some calm, soothing music to my phone and listen to it during the visit. I turn it up fairly loud to help mask the sound of scraping, and then try to concentrate on the music. I find that helps me a lot.

    1. That is an interesting idea. I was having a go at using yoga techniques yesterday but it is a bit hard to breathe mindfully when your mouth is full of metal implements!

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