A short curmudge

Littlebrowndog's great blog brought me out in such a rash of fellow feeling I thought I would have a very short curmudge myself. Annoying things about Christmas:
  1. Supermarkets heaving with people shopping for a month's siege instead of two days. Stop it. People are starving. It is all just going to go off.
  2. Idiots queueing at 5.00am on Boxing Day for the Next sale. Haven't they just had a load of stuff?
  3. They need more stuff?
  4. Christmas lights on houses to rival Blackpool illuminations. Haven't they heard of global warming? How non-essential can you get? Turn it off.
  5. Articles in Sunday supplements suggesting the perfect present at £299.99. Excuse me?
  6. The first of the nine lessons where Adam says "It was the woman who tempted me" or words to that effect. Grow up. Be a man. Take responsibility.
  7. Slade's Merry Christmas shouting at me in shops. Turn it down. Turn it off.
  8. The fact that my husband always gets just a little bit cross when we have got to the bit I like: Christmas dinner.
  9. No gardening programmes on the telly. I get withdrawal symptons.
  10. Wet and wind instead of snow and cold.

However on Boxing Day I got a really ace Christmas present: the first deep brown and beautiful egg from my exultant and noisy Welsummer hen.


  1. I agree with all them every single one!!! and what a lovely belated christmas pressy Have you eaten it yet??

  2. Could have written every one myself except 8...
    A Welsummer Brown egg is the most perfect thing on earth...and did you know Boxing day is when the Welsummer should lay her first one?

  3. deep brown and beautiful...noisy and exultant..... oh i love this. i don't think i've ever ben in the same room with a live chicken, and yet i can see this.

    and i'm with you on all the crabbing about the shopping. man, they were out in full force the next day, before dawn. but whatever for??

  4. Very good blog - and full of truth too! We do get gardening programmes over the holidays - I'm also addicted.

  5. I love fresh chicken eggs. The colors are always so soft and lovely. My grandmother used to raise bantams years ago and I loved collecting the eggs for her.

    I hated some of the birds she raised, though. Especially the guineas. They are just mean. But the pheasants . . . so gorgeous.

    I hadn't thought about collecting eggs in years. Thanks for the thought.

  6. Excellent additions, Elizabeth - I'd forgotten about the Christmas lights. And Adam - in my experience there's so much mysogeny in religion. Still - only another 360 days to go (noooooooo!)

    Lovely touch about the egg - brings you right back to what's really worth having.

  7. How funny - I came to you direct from LBD - and I'm nodding sagely here too (though confess to - the shame! - quite liking Slade!!).....
    but yes, oh yes, the excess is horrible...whatever happened to a simple family festival?
    Happy New Year....jxxx

  8. Oh yes. Agree wholeheartedly there. And the Next sale - lunacy. Can't imagine wanting anything from Next full stop - especially not picked-over pre-dawn leftovers.

    I am so looking forward to eggs. Roll on Spring and my bantams!

  9. I'm with you about 70 per cent of the way. Can't agree about Slade though - spent too long in Wolverhampton and went native.

    Eggs. . . that'd be nice.

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  11. Lots of stuff here that no doubt got lots of heads nodding in agreement...
    Just calling to say Happy New Year!

  12. Well, curmudge away Elizabeth. I'm right with you. The egg must have been wonderful - did the Welsummer get a Christmas prezzie to encourage her I wonder - something more exciting than layers pellets and flaked maize (which is how we used to feed our hens when we had them). But I agree with your list - too much of Christmas is just pretend. 'Everybody's having fun' - really? Most of them are trying desperately not to complain about the work, the money, the crowds, the overindulgence, the scratchy relatives. If we really wanted to have 'fun' we'd drop most of this - wouldn't we? So you are bang on, as usual.

  13. Emphatically yes to all! And isn't that first egg a joy - our girls are just hybrids but I'm so proud of them, and I just love to hear the sound of jubilation when an egg arrives. Happy new year!

  14. Right there with you. Again.


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