Today in my garden

Tiny tulips fizzing.
Primroses smiling.

 Hellebores still glorious.

Apple trees in leaf.

We waited for it so long, but spring is well and truly here.


  1. Those photographs speak for themselves. Fizzing is a fantastic description. I have some creamy yellow tulips which are far too stately and elegant to describe as 'fizzers' though.

    I wonder if they flower again next year - I never seem to manage to get more than a year with tulips. Can you?

  2. Looks like it was a glorious day, the photos are lovely.
    We are enjoying the beautiful Autumn colour in our little corner of the globe and last night I lit the wood heater for the first fire of the season, woohoo.
    Big news, spotted my first Red Robin this morning, I'm happy.

  3. Beautiful pictures!!! For me it really did seem like a long winter and I'm thrilled that spring is here too, but today I just wish it would warm up just a little bit more, my feet are cold!! :-)

  4. Thank you for sharing such sweet and sunny flowers!

  5. I'm so happy to have tulips, after years of fending off the deer. The tiny ones are very sweet - fizzing is a perfect verb!

  6. Gosh, aren't we all enjoying spring this year. Here in France it's not yet 9am, and we already have 20 degrees C. The blossom has been fantastic; live living amongst permanent weddings.

    Bisou, Cro.

  7. The primroses brought their scent with them - almost as though I had a bunch in my hand! Lovely...

  8. Whoa.... excellent stuff! A cup of tea in your garden would be just the thing.

  9. The pictures are lovely. thank you Elizabeth

  10. Mountainear - I succeed fine with the small tulips but not with the larger ones, Praestans the species tulips are ok.
    Claire - strange to think of your autumn as our spring roars in!
    Kim - we are having warm days but cold nights here so still have the woodburner lit in the evenings.
    Artist's Garden - Simple flowers are sometimes the best aren't they?
    Michelle - funny, I thought this post was hardly worth putting up but then did it because I was so much enjoying the tulips and primroses. Glad you liked it.
    Pondside - glad you have your tulips. I have friends who gardened in the north of Scotland for some years and their tales of deer damage were amazing. I should think myself lucky we just have the badgers digging up the grass!
    CM - what a lovely phrase "like living in permanent weddings"! We don't have much blossom yet but the blackthorn is out and the pear trees won't be long.
    Jinksy - it is a special scent isn't it? Almost cool and certainly green and the scent of spring.
    Kim - thank you. Spring flowers are the best.
    Marcheline - wish you could indeed pop by for a cup of tea and a wander around the garden. You could take some fresh eggs home.

  11. S'been a lovely weekend. What a lovely garden you have, and a way with captions.

  12. Beautiful photos, it's amazing how quickly everything seems to have suddenly woken up. A week or two of sun and now it looks more like June!

  13. Yes, Spring is worth waiting for, isn't it?

    Love the hellebores - you must have got down very low for that shot!

  14. Beautiful photos ;0)

  15. Yes Elizabeth, you are oh so right - I think that we can finally say that that long cold winter has evaporated:) Isn't it great to feel warm again and wasn't it a pleasure to smell the air yesterday after that rain ?

  16. Isn't it just glorious now it is here! Love the little yellow and white tulips.

  17. Indeed it is, and it all seems to have sprung so quickly. Heard my first cuckoo yesterday. Absolutely beautiful pictures, by the way.

  18. Beautiful post. Such wonder in those blooms, Well, It's the first Saturday of May and the Kentucky Derby is today. They
    say it will rain. I am betting on Super Saver,or Ice Box,

    Looking Lucky is the favorite.


  19. All these looks nice and beautiful wish them to grow nice and well with more flowers and much subclasses.


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