The Malvern Spring Show

Well on Thursday I am off to Malvern to spend Friday at the show and to meet up with at least 50 garden bloggers.  I have had my usual attack of wondering whether I should just stay home.  I'm always like this.  If ever I am invited to a party I always have a period of feeling that I can't quite be bothered to go and casting about for excuses to stay home.  Then I get over it, begin to quite look forward to it, go and invariably have a good time.  I do actually love meeting people, like talking to people, am quite extrovert and chatty.  I just sort of forget that when I am up here, hanging around in my jeans and t- shirt, dirt under my fingernails, head full of plants and dreams.

So now I am well and truly over party cold feet.  I am hugely looking forward to seeing Zoe and Karen and to meeting so many people whose blogs and tweets I read.  I am longing to get round the plant stands.  I am quite excited by the whole idea of a couple of days somewhere else, and somewhere else devoted to gardening.  How good is that?  I have a list a mile long of people I hope to talk to and of plants I might buy (and a list even longer of things not to be seduced by that would not like it up here.  My big resolution, I will not buy things that won't survive just because they murmur and flutter their lashes at me.).

Thanks to VP (Michelle) and patientgarden (Helen) for all the organising.  You are stars.

Roll on Malvern.


  1. So, so envious of all you Malvernites. Have the most wonderful time, and think of all of us wannabes without wings.

  2. I so know how you feel about an attack of the quandaries - I know I will have an anxiety attack before I manage to get in the car and drive. But I am going to make myself - even more worried about the event at Helen's on Friday evening, and can see me staying at the B and B rather than face all those people! eeeeeeeeeek!

    Very much looking forward to seeing you and Karen, and agree - Michelle and Helen are complete stars!

  3. Oh, have a wonderful little trip, it does sound wonderful. Funny I do the same thing with a trip but, am always glad I've gone!

  4. Another way in which we are alike. I have a serious streak of 'cannot come-itis' - regret accepting invitations (and am even happy tohave a cold or other legit excuse to back out) but will almost always have a grand time and want to do it again soon.

  5. I get nervous when I have to speak in front of groups, meet new people, or attend parites, so I've developed a sophisticated coping strategy: I tell myself it's excitement. Haven't fainted or ran out yet.

    I'm terribly envious about the whole Malvern gig. As my kids would say, "no fair."

    Christine in Alaska

  6. *whispers* I feel the same! But I know we're going to have a great time. I'm so looking forward to seeing you at last :)

  7. I do the same with invites, wish I didn't have to go, look for excuses not to go, then go and really enjoy myself.

    Have a wonderful time at Malvern.

  8. So envious here too, but I can understand the pre-event feelings. You'll have a fabulous time and I can't wait to hear all about it on your blog.

  9. looking forward to meeting you (and Zoe), yup, will def be there too. probably def!

  10. Enjoy it! I laughed at that resolution though.....

  11. Helen - Wish you could be here too!
    Zoe - no need for eeeking (or not too much), you can hide behind me if you like! Very much looking forward to seeing you on Thursday night.
    Linda - plants and people you like, sounds perfect, doesn't it?
    Pondside - that is exactly it! Both the almost regretting accepting and the having a great time.
    Christine - I like the idea of excitement, not fear! I don't actually get nervous, I quite like meeting new people once I have made the effort and can generally talk to anyone, it is just getting over the desire to stay home in the first place. Cracked that one now for this and am feeling very up for it!
    VP - me too.
    Su - thank you. I am sure it will be good.
    PM - oh I wish you could come. I would love to meet you.
    Milla - absolutely definitely and no probablies see you Friday.

  12. I havent really had time to think about it until this week. Will probably start to panic on Friday evening though to be honest my experience of meeting bloggers in the past is that they are a friendly bunch

  13. Looking forward to meeting you and all the other bloggers who will be at Malvern. I am sure that there will be plenty of plants fluttering their lashes at you :)

  14. How lovely of you to leave me a comment on my humble blog. So glad someone agreed with me on the Malvern experience! Pity we didn't meet. Lovley blog, great photos, what a gorgeous area you get to call home x

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