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I wonder if  you might be interested in the Lloyds TSB British weather photographer of the year competition.  As this combines weather and photography, two of my obsessions, I certainly am.  In fact if they were looking for the "British Weather Gardening Photographer, with cake, of the Year" I think I would have it in the bag.  There is a weekly prize of £100 and a final prize for the winner of £10,000 which has to be good.

If you hop over to British weather photographer of the year you can see the standard of the entry and the full rules.  There are some awesome photos.  I found it really hard to choose one for my entry from the required categories but eventually settled on this one from early last winter, a light scattering of snow having fallen and the sky heavy with more to come.

It was amazing looking back at my photographs to be reminded of just how much snow we had up here.  It was truly an alien, if beautiful, world.  In fact it was great that the competition gave me a reason to look at the changing seasons and the changing weather.  I had forgotten the first snowdrops, the sun shining through daffodils, golden light on the wild rosehips.  I had become stuck in the moment and I loved taking a walk back through the changing year.

If you want to enter yourself, it is easy and free.  If you feel like voting for me, when voting starts, in the snow and ice category, that would be great!  Here is what you need to know if you are going to have a try:
  • The competition runs from 13th April to 30th September 2010, with judging of the 12 finalists taking place in November
  • Photographs must be taken in the UK
  • Entrants can submit as many photographs as they wish
  • Entrants are required to:
    • be 18 or over
    • be a UK resident
    • have the right to use the images
    • read the full Terms & Conditions

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  1. A lovely photograph Elizabeth. When the sun is shining it's hard to remember how hard last winter was!

  2. I had totally lost my sense of last winter Molly until I spent an hour with my photos. It was undeniably beautiful but I did remember how hard life was up here. Every time we needed logs we had to pull on coats and boots and often dig out the log store too. Everything seemed to take for ever. Hope we don't have another like that this year.

  3. What a great idea for a competition and what great prizes - thanks for bringing it to our attention. Good luck with your entry. Will have a good reccie at the entries so far when I have some time for browsing. I may have overlooked it Elizabeth but I can't see a link in your post to the competition details. I am a great fan of the Lloyds TSB television adverts and would like to find out more about the music that accompanies them - no words but still most catchy.

  4. Hi Anna, the link is in the first line after Lloyds Tsb where is says British Weather Photographer etc. Looks to work from my blog so I hope it does from yours. You don't get the colour until you hover over it.

  5. Good luck with your entry, it is certainly a very atmospheric picture.
    I very much hope you will not get an opportunity for taking a similar photo next winter.

  6. Oh Elizabeth, that photo is absolutely stunning, the light, the colours, I so wish I was the one standing there taking it. I can't imagine what it's like to live in a country where you actually get snow in Winter.
    All the best for the competition, I wonder what sort of weather this Winter will bring?
    Pinch, punch first of the month (well it is here....)
    First day of Spring here, overcast and gloomy with rain on the way, love it.

  7. That's a great photo E. SO WELSH. It really takes me back to our time up amongst the hills.

    It also has good structure, composition, and viewer appeal; a heavyweight runner for 1st prize.

  8. Dear Welsh hills again,
    I just found your stunning blog with the beautiful pictures, thank you! When I understand it rightly I am not allowed to vote for you, living in Germany. I would have! So I'll follow your Blog instead - Wales is the only part of England I haven't been to. A white spot on my map - will be filled soon...

  9. Elizabeth that photo is stunning. I don't think any of mine would really show the weather very well, but I will pop over for a look. x

  10. That is a beautiful photograph. Really is. Would be great if you won, so I'll go and vote for you.

  11. Glad you like the photo and thank you Cro for your comment. I am honoured! You can vote now in the snow and ice category if you want to. Thanks very much Fennie. I assume you are one of my two votes!

  12. Got there in the end via Google but can see your link now :) Some great entries including yours.

  13. This is a beautiful photograph, especially with the sunlight picking out the snow covered hillside. Lovely contrast. I must go and have a look at some of the other entries.


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