I feel some lists coming on.
Things I am doing at the moment which I am liking:

  1. Thinking about my garden.
  2. Taking great pleasure from having finally cracked how to make really beautiful piped cushions (instead of the "ok if you don't look at them too closely" cushions I have been making for most of my life).
  3. Reading Chris Mullins' fabulous political diaries, "A view from the foothills":   intelligent, thoughtful, wonderfully indiscreet and totally compulsive.
Things which I am doing too much of:
  1. Eating toast.
  2. Driving about for work purposes.
  3. Procrastinating about sorting out my study.
Things which I should be doing more of:
  1. Running.
  2. Moving things into my wildflower meadow, sorting out my cutting garden, planting up my pots with bulbs.  Basically I need to spend about two weeks in the garden.
  3. Going to the hairdresser.
Well that is a way of simplyfying life.  What are your yes, do less, do mores?


  1. I need to spend about 2 weeks in the garden as well especially as I have come up with a plan for a difficult bit
    I spend too much time being annoyed at everyone about everything and completely intolorent - will try harder
    I am enjoying starting my course and want to spend more time doing it.

    When I get around to making piped cushions I will know who to come to for advice

  2. Take time to smell the proverbial roses without feeling guilty about is the most important one I think.

    Definitely do more in the garden...but it's been so, so wet. My excuse at least. Lots of fuzzy plans though.

    Say 'no' to lots of things I'm not brave or quick enough to say 'no' to.

  3. Eating toast, now I am with you on that one Elizabeth!
    If there's no goodies int he cake tin then a piece of toast will fill the gap.
    More time needed in the garden.
    Sewing table needs a good tidy along with the spare room. Bit of Spring cleaning throughout the house would be a good idea.
    Need to finish off some tea cosy orders and sew some more goodies for an upcoming market.
    The list goes on but I will leave it there and try and work on those already mentioned,but I think I need a piece of toast first!!

  4. How can you eat too much toast? Surely that's an impossibility.

  5. Need to spend even more of my at-home time doing stuff for work. Need in other ways to spend less time doing stuff for work. Can't remember what the third category was... brain numbed by overwork. Gah.

  6. I've quit smoking, so for the next 6 weeks or so I'm only concentrating on that. All else is on hold. I'm doing a lot of reading to keep my mind off of it. I'm finally catching up on all those books.

  7. I have given up on lists and resorted once again to Mind Maps, - they seem to focus me better, and Lord knows I need that badly.

    My pleasure map involves a Photo Diary DVD I am putting together and enjoying immensely.

    My must do things mostly involve the garden and various closets and drawers.

    Of course I know that my good intentions are only temporary, and I will drift into fall, loving every lazy minute.

  8. For a start I'd cut out the 'running', otherwise all sounds OK.

  9. Perhaps simply "Do more" would be my entire list. I do lead such a slothful existence! But on the other hand..... never mind. Tea and toast, anyone?

  10. I have to cut things down into non overwhelming daily lists.
    Today's list...

    Get 'on top of' the ironing back-log.
    Plant up the newly dug long narrow border with bearded iris (yes I know it's a bit late!), red hot pokers and allium bulbs.
    Go on the village monthly walk to catch up on the gossip!
    Cook roast pork dinner for when Cliff gets home from 16 mile walk.
    ... if time start cutting new lino blocks.

    Must get started!!!!

    PS you've got me thinking about toast now!

  11. Doing too much blog reading and not doing enough of anything else...

  12. This time of year lends itself to garden reflection doesn't it - here in Connecticut the successes and disasters are staring us in the face, and it's too late to do much but plan for next year...You can never have too much toast, and piped cushions?? Oh my, I'm impressed!

  13. My list is very dull in comparison so I enjoyed reading yours!

  14. Suggest you garden, at speed, whilst wearing a hat - that way your last list can be sorted at the same time.

    (This level of advice may explain why I am not a life coach

  15. If we superimposed my list on yours there would be serious overlapping! I'm only home for hours and then on the road again, and every time I come home I see more work that needs doing in the garden.
    Toast - well, I'd eat way more than I should if I didn't have a certain pair of pants I want to get into this fall!

  16. Oh Elizabeth, that list looked so simple, neat and list is a little overwhelming at the moment and I wouldn't know where to start, so am just 'puddling' along...but so long as I get a daily run and can fit in some painting it is a start.

  17. I definitely need to slow down a wee bit. Sometimes I feel like a headless chicken. Still, it was just the first week of school, so perhaps things will settle down eventually.

  18. PG - ah you are not alone in getting annoyed and being intolerant. Perhaps we are just becoming grumpy old women!
    Mountainear - I love the saying no to things you are not quick or brave enough to say no to! I have learnt never to say yes but always some form of "Can I come back to you?", a technique taught to be by a mistress of time management!
    SBL - ah my version of your sewing table is my desk. I am getting there, slowly.
    Fran - well I have never reached my toast consumption limits so maybe you are right. I have however reached the limits of my favourite jeans.

  19. Dear Elizabeth, I avoid making lists as I really dislike them with a passion. This is most probably a reaction to my late father's habit of making lists incessantly. Now I just forget things and live with the consequences. Piped cushions.....I am impressed!!

  20. I'm afraid I echo Chris! My lists are dull and work related. There is never enough time (wish you'd share your secret!) Or if there is enough time there isn't enough energy. How to use the evening time productively is a concern of mine. To easy to slump after supper unless compelled to go out to a rehearsal.

  21. Isabelle - ouch! the conflicting demands of work not sounding good. Hope you are getting some non work relief too.
    Nora - ah, quitting smoking sounds like quite a challenge. Hope it goes ok! When I did it years ago I just went cold turkey but would not like to do it again! Best of luck.
    Hildred and Charles - I have come across mind maps in work terms but have never really explored them. Perhaps I should have a look. I am not really as much of a list maker as this makes me look!
    Cro - well have a new scheme which says that if I run (or walk or yoga) I can have a glass of wine. The aim of this is to give me short term gratification to match the long term gratification of just being fitter. It may all fall apart if I just have a glass of wine anyway which is not inconceivable.
    Rachel - you do not need a slothful existence! You forget, I read your blog and I know how productive you are. I have seen pictures of tidy house and packed boxed.

  22. Celia - I have just put some irises in and they seem fine.
    SS - ah I didn't add too much blog reading but sometimes I do wonder!
    Cyndy - I am still hanging on to a sense that the garden has not breathed its last but yes, I am very aware of its triumphs and disasters this year too. Haven't yet decided what to do with them all!
    Chris - your life is so not dull that if you have a dull list it must be a fictional one, or a joke!

  23. Keep doing
    The garden
    Do more
    The garden
    Do less
    Making lists

  24. Dawn - clearly you should be a lifecoach with that ability to think laterally! might have to track down suitable gardening hat. I am thinking of something with a look of the outback, but perhaps without corks.
    Pondside - I suspect you are covering far more miles than I am though. My mileage now is the least it has ever been in my working life, I am just having a moan as would rather be in the garden than drive, don't mind the work itself!

  25. One word __ tidying !!
    At the moment , as well as the huge piles of material , work papers , cut-out recipes and articles , I have huge piles of fresh boxes , files and folders to put things in .
    When though ?
    Perhaps if I built my strength up with a bit of toast first .... ?

  26. I so love this list. Maybe I should write one too :D

  27. I'm very good at worrying. I should worry less but know I will worry more.

    That covers it!


  28. I have lists coming out of my ears - but I am struck by the fact that you have cracked making nice piped cushions - I will have to come for a lesson.

  29. Posie - ah that is the beauty of this approach, looks simple, neat and tidy and hides chaos!
    Neil - short ones.
    EPM - Slowing down is good. I just find it hard to find a middle way, I am either so slow I am comatose or so frantic I can scarcely breathe.
    Edith - I do understand this. I can go weeks without list making and taking the forgetful consequences, but eventually there comes a point when I have to give in, and then short and generally fatuous lists are best!
    Fennie - oh the lure of productive evening time! Mine are spent on the laptop, knitting the interminable scarf which I must finish before moving on to the exciting socks, watching Sarah Beeny inspecting crumbling houses, having a glass of wine and discussing how to protect my chickens.

  30. I dont know what I would do without my lists - its not only essential these days for my memory it is also a good way of being focused - the touble is can you be focused 27 ways (that's how many things on my list).

    Great scones and cake yesterday, thanks xx

  31. I need a list of what to do with a glut of damsons. We've made some jam, and have plenty of damson port from last year. Anything to add to the list?

  32. You can never have too much toast. It's the ultimate comfort food.

    Things I'm liking:

    Small daughters getting on with eachother,
    Baked potatoes
    Things I'm doing too much of: Watching tv in the evening,
    Avoiding scrubbing the floors

    Things I should be doing more of:

    Playing music
    Walking the dog.

  33. MBNAD - make elegant lists like yours is on my list.
    S&S - tidying is at the heart of so much that I like to have done but hate to do!
    mangocheeks - if your lists are as lovely as your name I would love to see them.
    Esther - I am very good at not worrying,perhaps to an irrational degree, maybe we could produce a hybrid?


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