The dog went home and I raised my head from the world of dogfood, chewsticks and the downstay.  The cat came in again, somewhat crossly, and made its displeasure at its exile clear by sleeping in my chair instead of on the sofa.

At the beginning of the week the garden was glowing in summer heat.  Even the roses were throwing a last glorious party.  By the end of it, the temperature had dropped ten degrees and the wind had flattened the cosmos, still flowering their hearts out in the cutting garden.

Inside the stripy little Welsummer chicks were beginning to show their first true feathers.

As the dog's owner returned, I disappeared off for a weekend with elder daughter, son in law and nearly two year old grandson.  Grandson makes me laugh all the time.  He is obsessed with cars and trains and all kind of vehicles and rides everywhere on his little trike, beeping slowly and carefully every time he goes backwards to show that he is reversing.

He plays with total concentration and finds the world amazingly sunny and amusing.

And more progress in the kitchen when I get home.  I might just do a little jig when it is all done.


  1. Oh yes; jig away, I say!

    I cannot believe how well the roses are blooming everywhere I go this autumn in Touraine. It's blissful and slightly incongruous with the leaves turning yellow.

    Your chicks are adorable.

    I hope you get a lovely surprise when you return home and see your kitchen.

  2. It's like a strange autumnal spring, everything's looking up & feeling 'new'- love thge slate floor!

  3. Your garden looks lovely. I'm sorry if it doesn't look that way anymore now. The flowers are so dainty and pretty and the colors are so cheerful. It looks like summertime all over.

    Your chicks and your grandson both look adorable. I can't pick between the two of them, although I'm sure you have a preference :o)

    The slate floor looks great. What a floor to have to do a jig on.

    You are a blessed woman.


  4. Wonderful colours in the top pictures - that hot spell was really wonderful - sadly the wind has also taken its toll on our garden too.

    Love the cute chicks and the cuter grandson

  5. This post makes me think of a quote from 'Elizabeth and her German Garden' by Elizabeth von Arnim:

    "What a happy woman I am living in a garden, with books, babies, birds, and flowers, and plenty of leisure to enjoy them! Yet my town acquaintances look upon it as imprisonment, and burying, and I don’t know what else besides, and would rend the air with their shrieks if condemned to such a life. Sometimes I feel as if I were blest above all my fellows in being able to find my happiness so easily."

    I don't know if you would necessarily say it's 'easy' but I do think your post completely reflects her joy in her surroundings!

  6. The Grandson, oh so innocent - why can't they remain like that! The chicks, very cute. The floor, lovely and looking almost ready to do your 'jig' on. The dog, I'll have any day!!

  7. Oooo the kitchen is definitely coming on how very exciting - maybe it will be finished in time for Christmas dinner!!
    My youngest was obsessed with cars and the eldest trains - I used to hear the Thomas Tank Engine theme tune in my sleep, even now it makes me twitch!!

  8. TCO (total cuteness overload) 8-)

  9. I love the posture of a two year old - nothing quite like it, aside from a ballerina's elegance.

  10. Cheerful post, cheerful pictures, charming child, lovely floor.


  11. I will join you in the Kitchen Jig when and if that happy day ever arrives.

  12. A Jig? On the washing machine, please. Just like Shaun the sheep.
    Do love those chicks. I must breed some chicks again - they are such miracles. Perhaps, perhaps.

  13. Those chicks are gorgeous in their stripes :)

    I love the fact that your grandson beeps to show that he is reversing! That's brilliant!

  14. Gorgeous sunny yellow rose - do you remember it's name?

    The days have turned damp and misty here - summer eventually is slipping away. I'm sure your garden still holds interest - I seem to recall you had plans for extending the season.

  15. Kitchen is really coming on - love the slate floors.

    Thinking about a couple of Welsummers here with a couple of Wyndootes, they'll not be cute fluffy chicks though :(

    Love the Rudbeckia too, akthough I dont usually like yellow flowers, some flowers are just right yellow.

  16. Looking forward to seeing it all for real this weekend :)

  17. Wonderful post. So glad all is getting back to normal and that Henry has claimed his rightful place!
    Chicks and grandson adorable and the floor stunning. I look forward to seeing the kitchen finished. As no doubt you do 8-)

  18. Nice!Love those chicks.Sounds as if we are living similar lives but on opposite sides of the planet.

  19. Grandson, delightful. Chicks, very cute. Dog and cat, some room for improvement.
    Sorry that the garden got smashed. But I love the way the kitchen is coming along. And, when it's done, you will be allowed a jig. Just don't get too enthusiastic, please.

  20. Lovely blog, such happy and bright pictures. We are so lucky to enjoy such simple pleasures in life.

    Your Grandson is a very lucky boy, you will both have such fun as he grows up. All the wildlife adventures you will have together. Enjoy every bit of it.

  21. Another dose of beautiful from your blog, thank you. Nice kitchen floor - just right for a little jig! x

  22. Gosh what a lot of comments! Lovely light in all your pictures, I was going to say. Those chicks are very pretty. Are they the revolving ones?

  23. He's old enough to ride a trike??? He was a tiny baby only yesterday! Where have the months gone?

    Lovely slate tiles.... I'm so glad you posted a photo of them, as it gives me some idea of what my own floor is going to look like - eventually.

  24. Those Welsummer's look gorgeous. Might consider having a couple of those hens next year to join the others. Please bear me in mind if you have a surplus next time around...

    Your kitchen is going to be fabulous. Can't wait to see it finished.


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