In 2005 we moved from a life in the city to a sixteenth century farmhouse in the Clwydian hills in North East Wales. The house sits on the side of green valley with views up towards the ancient hillforts of Penycloddiau and Moel Arthur.

This is the bakehouse, painted white, which still contains the old bread oven.  The lower buildings are two stone built pigsties which we use as log stores.  Beyond, up on the horizon, is the heather covered mount of Moel Arthur, one of the many places in the west of the United Kingdom where King Arthur is reputed to be buried.  So we have an ancient house, two acres of land, a holiday cottage to run and lots of things to be grown outside and made inside.  Do I miss my corporate life?  Not at all.

Wandering through these pages you will find, me, Elizabeth, escapee from the city, writer, gardener, cook, wife, daughter, sister, friend, mother, stepmother, grandmother, sometimes stretched a bit thin but knowing that I am profoundly lucky to have all the people and the things that stretch me in my life. 

Along with my family I love this place and I love sharing it through my blog and our holiday cottage.  I love time by myself and good company.

Having spent years working with numbers and words, I am now wrestling with making something on the ground, trying  to make a garden.  This phase of my life seems to be about creative and practical things:  when I am not gardening I might be knitting (a rediscovered passion from when I was a teenager),  baking and then trying not to eat it, writing or hiding in my shepherd's hut pretending to be writing, learning Welsh and Spanish very slowly, practising yoga rather stiffly or drinking wine with speed and ease.

You will also find mention of my husband, all round maker and mender, friend and lover and looker afterer and companion on  many adventures.  He has his own blog which reflects his own passions.  Our four adult children, their partners and our nine grandchildren show up from time to time as do our friends and wider family although this blog is as much about the place as about the people.

There was a large ginger cat called Henry, now sadly no longer with us,  and his sworn enemies: Bess, daughter's dog and Flora, who belongs to our son and daughter in law.  The dogs are both beautiful labradors and occasionally come to stay.  They have now been joined in the family by Ruby, another black lab and companion to Flora, and Murphy, a springer spaniel.




I love to hear from those who read this blog and always try to respond to comments.  There is also a link to our holiday cottage website and an email contact there if you would like to get in touch.


  1. Hi Elizabeth, enjoy your blog and have just make my third set of curtains using your simple and clear instructions. I also moved from city to country . . . Derbyshire village . . . Finding it both delightful and challenging. Thank you for your blog . . . And help with the curtains.

    1. I have only just read your comment and am very pleased you like the blog, and make the curtains. I went over to look at your blog but you seem to have moved on. If you did start another one I would love to know where to find it!

  2. Hi, there! I am Melissa and I have just happened across your blog. It looks very interesting and I am sure I will visit often. I am drawn to all things Welsh as my great-grandparents came from Blaina at the turn of the 20th century -- my grandfather was only the second of their children to be born in the US. I live in Texas, I am a wife, mother, grandmother, quilter and blogger. Feel free to visit my rather unorganized and chaotic blog at http://boyett-brinkley.blogspot.com.

  3. I love your pictures of your knitting projects and how they mark time in the lives of your grandchildren. I am a mother of five, grandmother of seven, semi-retired clinical counsellor who loves to knit and have been at it for 57 years on and off- still just an average knitter, but quite prolific. I live in Kamloops, BC, Canada- would love to visit Wales some time and see history come to life.

  4. HI, I found your blog throuhg Charles Hawes'. I am visitng North Wales and was looking for bloggers in the area to meet up with and there doesn't seem to be many. I have a food and travel blog (eatcookexplore.com) and am spending a couple of weeks exploring the area. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area.

  5. Hi Elizabeth!

    We loved reading your blog! Please submit your blog to www.walesblognetwork.com for inclusion!

    We'd love to feature you on the website.

    Kind regards,


  6. Dear Elizabeth, I had to get in touch with you to say that I came across your blog (how? no idea now - link from another blog I imagine), and absolutely love it. You write so well, and (perhaps not surprisingly) your experiences and ideas are very close to my own. Over the past few weeks I have read back through the whole blog, always a fascinating thing to do - to see a journey (and a life) of a number of years unfold, your writing change and develop, your focus change as life happens.
    I'm also in my 62nd year, and loving it. Loving also the freedom as our children are now adults and (for now at least) we no longer have much caring responsibilities.
    I have subscribed to your blog, and will look forward to continue to read as you travel and stay at home. Thank you! Deborah


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